ISS cupola view wallpaper

ISS cupola view wallpaper

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    Looks like a long fall.

    fracked again

    Orbit typically is.


    At least from orbit, you don’t have to dread the hard impact into the earth at the end. You’d burn up into a crisp WAAAYY before then…


    You’d probably suffocate long before worrying about burning up.


    Agreed. For some reason, I was kinda assuming there would be spacesuit involved, but I guess there’s no reason that would have to be true. Of course, if there’s no spacesuit, then I imagine you’d have other problems besides suffocation, no? Like freezing if you’re in shade, or burning from the unshielded rays of the sun if unshaded, right? And besides suffocation, wouldn’t there also be all kinds of other bodily problems like exploding blood vessels and stuff due to being in a non-pressurized environment? Can’t say I know ANY of that for sure, but I DO know that the… Read more »


    flash us!


    doggystyle with a view

    Philosophy Guy

    You know, in a world so full of Sci-Fi special effects, it is somewhat inspiring to see the real thing and how cool it is. I know I am not saying anything deep or meaningful, but I like how we have people in space, and a space station, and all the things that go along with that.


    Who put a window in the kitchen, she is clearly distracted and not cooking….