Regretting Atheism Yet, Ladies?

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    I love Jesus but I’m not religious, how about that. I’m also not violent and have never hit anyone but I would punch this guy in the face. Twice.


    I’ll film this happening.

    Kik Dogg

    I guess I am safe.


    Thank Jesus.


    What if you believe in jesus but don’t care what religious or non-religious stance the women you seek have taken? Does that sentence sound awkward? I swear the internet is making me retarded.


    My girlfriend believes in Jesus. I don’t. We make it work, and it works pretty well.


    I dont love jesus.


    Jesus is not real and neither is a talking snake.


    I don’t want to start a huge religion debate but yeah Jesus was real, theres heaps of evidence that there was a prophet called Jesus around that time. I don’t believe he’s the son of God but there was definately a Jesus.


    hell you could go to most hispanic countries and they’d be someone called Jesus
    though they pronouce it ‘hey-soos’


    I thought there was just a lot of history about him AFTER he was supposedly around, like, a couple decades later when the bible was written. As far as I know, none of the great history recorders alive when he was wrote anything about him. I think most of the story (history) about Jesus is a crock, but then again, if there wasn’t someone for the Jews to disagree over whether or not he was the messiah, the Jews wouldn’t exactly have split into the Judaism and Christianity we know today — so, I guess I’m with you on the… Read more »


    Why the hell did I type “decades” while thinking “centuries” in my head? Fuck you, insomnia. Fuck you, six am. Fuck you, …self.


    Yeah, the hearsay accounts were penned decades after his death, and the bible was put together centuries afterwards. Your typo wasn’t all wrong 🙂

    fracked again

    Spot on moose.

    You would think that somebody would have written something about this guy or the hordes of zombies that descended on Jerusalem when Jesus was resurrected.

    There is no non-biblical, contemporary evidence for Jesus.

    Malta Soron

    Well, you’ve got Flavius Josephus somewhat later in the first century.
    Personally, I think it’s pretty clear that there was a guy named Jesus (or Yeshua or Yehoshua or whatever) who got crucified for claiming to be the messiah. Happened all the time in that region and period. Only this guys followers held out a bit longer than the others. Other than that, yeah, there’s only the biblical account that gives any (not so useful) information.

    fracked again

    Josephus wrote that there was a group that followed a guy who claimed to be the brother of Jesus, but the actual writings regarding Jesus are a forgery and was inserted into later texts a couple centuries later.

    There were Christians in the first century. That much is clear, but the rest is unsupported.

    Shouldn’t be a surprise, since we haven’t found any Egyptian records of a dozen tribes of slaves taking off after several plagues, and the Egyptians kept records of damn near everything having to do with their border, good or bad for the kingdom.

    Malta Soron

    Ah, I didn’t know that about Josephus. Interesting 🙂 I followed a few courses at my university about the history of Christianity (out of academic interest; being a student of western history, it’s quite useful to know a thing or two about the history of the church). Maybe it was because they had limited time to discuss a lot of subject matter, but the historical existence of Jesus was pretty much taken for granten. Whether he was the son of God and everything was left up to our own interpretation, but his sayings in the Gospels were assumed to be… Read more »


    The bible does not count as “heaps”. And the rest of it is either forged, third-hand accounts or not contemporary.



    I want to get in your pants badly, man!


    I wonder if that’s his mom or wife in the pic on the wall. I’m not sure which would be more pitiful.