You are a target audience

You are a target audience


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    I never “rebelled” as a teenager… so does that make young Gheorghe a rebel?


    I didn’t do any of those things either. But I tend to hang out with people who do. One time I went to the cinema with a boy who had a mohawk, on the way we met my father, unfortunately. Later when I came home he asked me for a hair so he could test it for drugs. Which is funny, the mohawk dude didn’t do drugs and didn’t even drink, he was a straight A student. One of the people that did give me drugs, weed that is, was the richest girl in town who dressed like a librarian. Aw yeah.
    I think at this point everyone is part of some target audience. Most of those mohawk guys got their stuff from thrift stores anyway, I can’t see any company making much money off that.

    I a straight A drug dealer. rapist too. ;D


    I hang out with people of all kinds. But yes, I do walk with hardcore style choosers. Calmest people I’ve ever met. The ones dressed all normal like are fucked in the head crazy.
    *neck spasm*


    I agree with the first paragraph, the last one doesn’t relate that much to my lifestyle.


    This is true of everything in life.

    Welcome to real life.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    When I was a teenager you rebelled by doing drugs, having sex and shoplifting. Hard to figure out how corporations make money off that.


    Selling gravestones, condoms and making money off prison labor.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Point the first: From the day you are born, you are guaranteed to one day make money for a mortuary. It’s the same if you die at 20 or 120.
    Point the second: You do not go to prison for shoplifting. If you’re under 18, its highly unlikely that you’ll even go to jail.
    Point the third: Regarding condoms, see point the second.
    One of the few regrets I have about being a teenager is that I didn’t steal enough.


    Clearly you’ve never died of drug use: when you OD you need two gravestones.

    Also, the jails are filling up with smokers of MJ yet the shoplifters go free? This I cannot believe.

    I don’t get your third point. You don’t go to prison for using condoms? Scandalous!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Clearly you’ve never died of drug use”
    You seem to have some confusion between prison and jail. Those are two different things, but in most states minors aren’t sent to either.
    “I don’t get your third point.”
    Hint: condoms are generally not behind the counter or locked-up.
    I don’t know why I reply to posts by dumb people. It’s so boring using small words and having to spell everything out.


    Aww, it sounds like someone woke up on the grumpy side of bed today. Here I’m trying to lighten the mood, but you are seemingly immune to my attempts ( 🙁 ).

    But anyways, I don’t mind hostile people at all, especially the ones that have a high opinion of themselves. So be warned, the next time we speak I may stoop to calling you things like ‘jerk’, and then were would your disposition be?


    I didn’t rebel by doing drugs, I just did’em, same with having sex. Never shoplifted, though.


    “BOOM, Headshot!”


    i fought the law with a chocolate milkshake.
    unfortunately, the law was gravity, and a police cruiser got in the way

    Luke Magnifico

    People are stupid and weak, deal.


    This is Poster A-3 at Spencer’s Gifts and is $9.95


    TL;DR – Nice Mohawk sell-out


    I think what he’s indicating then is to properly “rebel”, only wear bear skins (locally slaughtered and tanned) and only use stone knives (locally quarried and tooled).

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