The Essay Rickroll

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When Redditor Mayniac182 suspected his teacher wasn’t actually reading his essays, he did what any normal computer science student would do. He spent 8 hours formatting it into a Rickroll to see if his teacher would notice.

Full story:

Professor gets Rickrolled in a student’s essay

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    Old news (from a few months back). Did Mayniac182 ever say what grade he got for this essay?


    i’m a professor, i read the full text of student papers, and i wouldn’t notice this. if it wasn’t highlighted no one from the internet would notice this.


    This thread is now about how dumb he is for wasting his time on this nonsense.


    Well, in the description it also says it’s complete bullshit, so if you want/can, read the entire thing (ignoring the Rickroll) to see if it’s relevant to anything.

    I agree 8 hours is too damn long just to place words in a specific order.


    Waaaay back in my college student days, I had an English Lit prof that I suspected was not reading every word of every paper. I decided to test him. I had to write a paper detailing all of the gods and goddesses rather quirky actions in The Iliad. Dispersed throughout my paper I added things like Zeus received a blow job from Athena and the Trojan Horse was full of candy. He did notice and questioned me on it. When I told him he smiled and said it was true, that he didn’t always read every word of every paper… Read more »


    aside from thejoke, that’s one of the worst papers i’ve ever read.
    really, really terrible.