Cruise liner squeezes under bridge with just 1.5 inches to spare

cruise_liner_vs_bridge.jpg (144 KB)
The Allure of the Seas – which cost a staggering £1billion ($1.5bn) – measures around four football fields and accommodates 8,300 people including crew members.
There was about 20in (50cm) clearance between the bridge and the top of the ship – but swell and weather conditions brought that margin of error down to 1.5in (4cm).
Any sudden movement and it would have been a very different story.

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    Looks like an apartment building on a barge.


    I don’t know that I’d like to go on a cruise w/ 8000 other people.


    There is an ocean liner called “The World”. It has only condos, and it never stops traveling the world. People live on it, get off somewhere, and meet it again at another port. A traveling city on the sea.

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