Otter Dreads

otter1.png (1 MB)

The end product of a very bizarre conversation.

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    What was this bizarre conversation?

    I bet it started “One thing I HAVEN’T seen on the internet…”


    this one time at a KKK meating me and some of my friends where
    fucking each other. then we got drunk and accidently had
    sex whit some girls. eewww. then we started talking on
    what was the most fucked uped thing we could think of.
    i came up whit a extremly fucked up thing, i don’t want
    to mention it. one of my frineds did come up whit probaly
    the least fucked up thing an otter whit dreads. i was realy
    you fucking shit bag?

    Am I close?


    Otterly redonkulous.