your new defence against the dark arts teacher

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fuck yes

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    The only one I’d help kill Harry if he asked me to.


    *really* the only one?


    Absolutely genius. Why wasn’t he offered a role throughout the series?! David Bowie is the man!


    Yeah right dude he is way to busy being Sovereign of The Guild of Calamitous Intent

    casemods UID# 667

    I’m pretty sure he would be more the protege of the dark arts teacher, not your defense against him, unless he took out the teacher to have him all to yourself


    I dare you to fail harder.
    This can be considered a legitimate dare-
    standard dare-rules* apply.

    *(Backing out will result in verified puss-itude,
    however, the dare MAY be avoided by a sufficiently
    appropriate display of one-upsmanship in the form of
    “dare-escalation” which may or may not be delivered in an inulsting fashion, but must adhere to currently accepted laws of physics and/or realm of possibility in regards to the original challenger’s ABILITY to carry the escalation [or double-dare]out, regardless of the likelihood that he/she WILL rise to the challenge.)


    I think I love you.


    ha ha

    Maxwell Edison

    Love me. Fear me. Do as I say and I will be your slave.

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