Colorless Cans

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A convex logo substitutes the colorfully sprayed can. Helps to reduce air and water pollution occurred in its coloring process. It also reduces energy and effort to separate toxic color paint from aluminum in recycling process. Huge amount of energy and paint required to manufacture colored cans will be saved.Instead of toxic paint, manufacturers process aluminum with a pressing machine that indicates brand identity on surface.

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    Kik Dogg

    Good idea. But will it fly?


    Or will it blend?



    silver IS a color


    That’s aluminum, which is a metal.


    Can’t see it working somehow. Unless they emboss everything onto the can, this would only work in multipacks. No barcode, ingrediants, nutritional information etc.

    Great design =/= Great reality.


    I have to admit you’re right, and I wish you weren’t, just because I really like this idea.

    Do you think they might come up with a recicled paper sleeve with all that’s missing from the label printed on it in environmentally friendly toxic free ink?


    Just print on the nutrition and bar code stuff with simple black paint. This would still be better than having the whole can coloured.


    I suppose you could be right, but I have to wonder if even that is enough to complicate the recycling process.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Make them cheaper and I’ll buy them.

    Same price or more and no deal.


    Looks pretty BA too bad I drink Pepsi


    They took the color out of the product, called “Pepsi Clear”, without much success. Presentation and marketing influences us. Why do think you buy sugar water over a better tasting healthier fruit juice?


    Healthier, maybe. Have you seen how much sugar is in some fruit juices? And if it tasted so much better I’d be drinking that instead of soda


    A response likely due to advertising and the “mouth feel” of carbonation.
    Re-evaluate your favorite cola, and describe how it tastes. “Vaguely caramelized, acidic, reminiscent of varnish remover”. Now describe a fruit juice. “Golden sun enriched with a natural effervescence and a bouquet of fruit tree blossoms”. Biased, who me?


    I never said you were biased. And for your information my favorite soda is flat Dr. Pepper. Advertising and carbonation has nothing to do with it.


    1) More than the color was changed in Crystal Pepsi. It tasted different as well. I liked it and was sorry to see it go…
    2) There’s a massive difference between changing the color of the product and changing the color of the container
    3) Which tastes better fruit juice vs “sugar water” is a matter of opinion. I tend to prefer the latter. And the latter is actually sometimes healthier depending…


    If you said “matter of MY opinion, which should be regarded as the definitive conclusion of all right-thinking individuals”, then we could offer a counter. Instead, I defer to that which you find pleasure. ‘Scuse me while I sulk off sipping my sour grapes.


    They got rid of the toxic stuff on the outside, now they only need to get rid of the toxic stuff inside.


    I’ll help with that part.


    Wow, seriously? A chrome scheme? We did chrome like 30 years ago. Seriously, now a days it should look like an iPod.


    Just don’t price it like one.