Why you shouldn`t buy a Mac

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    My duck post said it better.

    casemods UID# 667

    Apple has cool stuff if you have money to waste, not going to lie.

    But the fact that people get it to show it off makes me sick.

    Seeing anyone with a full touch screen phone makes me think less of them, just because I know the full touch screen is harder to use and people only get them because it’s “FULL TOUCH SCREEN”

    My casio casiopea was full touch screen 10 years ago…it’s nothing new…

    you sound like a mac person.

    Luke Magnifico

    Hot damn, Graham’s getting all kinds of love in this here thread.


    The full touch screen isn’t any harder to use for me. *shrug* YMMV. Don’t make assumptions about other people, I say.

    Alec Dalek

    I guarantee I can type 3 times faster than you on my BlackBerry Torch. And it has a “full touch screen”. And buttons. Real ones.


    I’ll be sure to pass this along to Apple fanbo—

    Who am I kidding, as long it’s shiny, they’ll put it up their asses.

    casemods UID# 667

    You bring up another one of my points: People are materialistic. Take the new mac air for example: No doubt people who can’t even afford it are going to want it and get it just because it’s the newest thing AND expensive. I was watching “true life: illegal street racer” yesterday after seeing “Will never got his $500…” posted with an image of some fast and furious looking car on /o/ and found the video. Basically, about 5 minutes into the episode, the guy basically has said he’s spent a bunch of money on the car, blah blah, and he… Read more »


    Apple has always had a reputation for making a quality product, but they have also always been overpriced. I remember the ipod craze and when I started looking at MP3 players I was dumbfounded, I could see no reason to purchase an ipod other than to be able to say “look at me, I have an ipod” I found a unit that did everything the ipod did, handled more formats for auido and video, came with things like a car charger, a wall charger video output connection and cables and cost less than the same capacity pod, oh and the… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “jail is great because there is less crime here”
    That sentence right there is so stupid it negates any point you might have been trying to make.

    Fuck you it makes perfect centz

    mac = shitty limited operating system

    jail = shitty limited living environment

    The analogy hinges on the assumption that there is less crime in jail, which is clearly not true, as you will no will no doubt learn in the near future.

    Luke Magnifico

    Seriously, I hear prison populations have a criminal percentage second only to that of Detroit.


    Hey, Detroit’s a nice city once you get to know it.

    What goes on in jail, does not affect anyone else but the people in it – just like mac users – nobody cares about them or what they do or what happens to them.


    Oooh, nice.


    The truth of the matter, however, is that the only reason there are so few viruses for Macs is because there are so many more PC users. The people who make computer viruses are trying to hit as many people with them as possible. Thus, Macs simply aren’t a tempting target. If the Mac fans got their wish, however, they’d find themselves being targeted by a LOT more than they are now.

    Oh, and note that I’m not buying into the lie that there are NO viruses for Macs…


    You are correct Sir. If we were to map out the percentage of the total computer market share that PCs and Macs take up and compare the percentage of total viruses that they receieve, the numbers will be pretty close. Macs and PCs receive viruses that are proportional to the percentage of the market that they take up. People write viruses to cause destruction. PCs take up more of the market, and more importantly, more of the corporate world.


    Intel Xeon x5770 (the Quad core 2.93GHz) costs roughly $1,300, whereas the 2.26 is only about $300.

    Yeah sure you’re paying $2,600 extra when it’s only worth $2,000 more, but that’s what happens when you buy a pre built computer.

    As for the RAM, yeah that’s extortionate. Same for the RAID card. And the HDDs. And the graphics. And the optical drive. And the monitors….

    …I’m sure there was a point to this somewhere.

    Anyway, love Apple products, hate Apple themselves. Because of shit like this.

    casemods UID# 667

    dude you don’t get it do you?

    You’re getting .67 more MHz for $2,600.

    That’s like a almost a 1MHz CPU for $2,600

    Apple just uses QUALITY products…


    failtroll is obvious.

    The Xeon processors are top-of-the-range, and cost as such. It isn’t Apple pricing them ridiculously (although they are partly), but that’s what they sell for from other vendors also.

    casemods UID# 667

    fail-to-recognize-sarcasm is fail.


    I actually agree with casemood 😀


    This entire thread has been a casemod win all the way… Someone please delete this thread, such a thing as people actually agreeing with casemod shouldn’t happen on M[c]S.


    I knew there was a reason we keep you around, case.


    People like Macs.

    Get over it and worry about yourself.


    I like how the entire argument made by the original image uses Apple’s online store, which is notoriously overpriced, even for Apple.

    Any real Apple consumer knows to get their products through third-party retailers.

    casemods UID# 667

    Any REAL apple consumer will shove any candy colored, “bleeding edge”, lighter than air device up their try-hard materialistic asses at the first chance they get – assuming it hasn’t sold out yet or is available for 4 times the price from some guy who just waited in line 5 days to sell it on ebay.


    After using a PC for 10 or so years, I now use an imac. My phone is an old nokia that can’t even send picture messages, and I don’t even own an ipod. I wanted an imac because I’m doing graphic design and do serious photoshopping and it’s a more stable operating system than windows for large programs. Not about the hardware or price, it’s about convenience, stability and ease of use (and for typical apple consumers, ‘piss easy so I don’t have to brain’). I haven’t seen a proper win/mac argument address this, lol. But I suppose it’s like… Read more »


    Well, I’ve not experienced that many crashes on Win7 and Photoshop’s “stable”. I’ll be sincere and say I don’t get how it can “stable”, it works, it just does, I’m sure it works just as good on a Mac but when you double click something, it opens, you work inside it for a good couple of hours, save it, and close it, that’s pretty damn stable to me.


    whenever a designer would tell me that macs are better for adobe suite i used to just say, “ok, i guess, you’re a designer and if your job is easier because of a mac then use a mac.” now this just seems dumb. maybe it runs better on a mac out of the box, but the point of the post was that you don’t have to spend all that money just to use the mac os on an inferior machine. designers are just too lazy to learn how to do this stuff themselves. if that’s worth the extra $ then… Read more »


    Fanboys are morons. Feel free to attribute that to whichever side you don’t support… it will mean about as much either way.

    Alec Dalek