Milla whit red back

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    I saw the new Resident Evil film. It was so much better than the third one, Milla is amazing. It made me fall in love with her raspy voice all over again. And her one liners too.




    I’ve yet to see the new one. I didn’t care very much for the others, they were very ‘meh’ to me, but The Fifth Element and Dummy make up for them.


    That is not good. I consider the first and second to be the best still, so you probably won’t like the fourth one either. You have to understand I am a crazed zombie fan and a crazed Milla fan. It takes a lot of effort to admit that the third film wasn’t as good but the truth is I enjoyed even that one. And before anyone judges me, I admit to my bias openly.

    If you do watch it though, make sure you stay in your seat even after the credits are rolling.

    But then I’m spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t seen it but wants to see it.

    You get to see a character who appeared only in the second film, most Resident Evil fans love said character and you get to see a snippet that suggests they will make a comeback in the fifth film. I don’t understand why you won’t watch it though, it seems like something you’d enjoy also.

    We can watch it together if you like. And yes I do understand. I don’t understand why you eat out of garbage bins though.


    I have a big thing for Milla Jovovich. One of these days I’ll show it to her and see if she likes it!!!