XB-70 Landing

XB-70 Landing

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    For a second I thought atkinson had posted this.


    I knew this was all part of some fever (autism?) dream of Tiki’s
    Casemods through anking
    all of it..

    I’m real though


    Most awesome looking plane ever!


    Strange looking plane. The lower portion looks like it ends in a very un-aerodynamic flat surface. Am I missing something or is that a design flaw?


    No, those are the intakes for the engines. This thing cruised at mach 3+. Uber cool plane. Had honeycomb skin and actually lengthened at speed due to thermal expansion. Also, the crew had capsules that protected them if they had to eject at speed/altitude. I think they made 3, one was lost during a photo shoot/test flight. Damned shame they didn’t run with this design.


    I saw one of them when I went to Wright-Pat in Ohio many years ago. You just have to stand next to them to get the full awesomeness of it!
    6 engines inline of 30,000 lbs thrust each is amazing!
    If I recall correctly, this design had the least amount of drag for any plane designed. Do some research, watch the videos. You’ll love it!


    Lucky guy!!!
    Ops: 6 engines parallel!!!
    I have several videos, but not the end of the last flight of the number two until the bitter end…