dumbest idea ever

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so let me get this right..
a flying car.. with foldable wings
to drive off road
and not be able to shoot out of
in a war??

Darpa, WTF?
too much anime?
too much weed?

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    Alec Dalek

    You wouldn’t need to shoot out if it. Just angle the blades down a bit and you could shred Tali’s by the bushel.

    casemods UID# 667

    Small res again?

    Why even post it?


    Apparently you underestimate just how far into the future the Jetsons took place


    the far-off year of…1980?


    I don’t see why this is such a bad idea. And who said you can’t attach guns to the propeller blades?

    Luke Magnifico

    Cost Per Unit: $10 gajillion and the lives of 5-6 American soldiers.


    Payoff: James Bondish awesomeness.

    I’d say it’s worth it. New inventions ride on the back of overwhelmingly bloated military spending.


    No really, the Army wants to do this.


    How long until we see a Chinese version of this? IN REAL LIFE

    Think Tank

    So when they asked for an off road vehicle, they took it pretty seriously, huh?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    they’re for flying over IEDs