Advertised vs. Actual

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    (aside from the tru dat…)

    The whopper looks much better than that in the UK at least


    I suspect the libel laws in the UK result in better looking food…


    What, you didn’t see that show with the woman picking through countless rolls before selecting the absolute fluffiest? Then she cut the patty in the back and pulled it slightly apart to make it look biggest. The advertisements are made with specially doctored versions of the food, fixed in the perfect way by a person whose sole job is to make the food look impossibly good.

    It’s fast food, if you’re complaining that it doesn’t look like something made by someone who gives a shit, you’re missing the point.


    Anything is better than McDonalds. 1$ double cheeseburgers from Burger King any day.


    The McD’s Angus burger “advertisment” picture is actually an advertisement picture for one of Hardees/Carl’s Jr Thickburgers. The “actual” taco for Taco Bell looks more like a Jack in the Box taco. The tacos from the Bell don’t look like the ad, but I’ve never gotten one that looks anywhere near that bad…

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