Hipster superheroes

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Tiki, I know you don’t like the collegehumor bookmark, but these were made for collegehumor by this guy: loldwell.com/

Also, there are two more, but I can’t post them do to new limitations.

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    tiki god

    the only time I have a problem with watermarks is when they’re slapped on images that had nothing to do with the site.

    in this case, I gather that the loldwell guy actually gets paid and/or has an agreement with CH, which is awesome. CH is getting a smidge better about the random image watermarking, but not much.

    I’d be like getting a watermarked image from MCS and posting it. That would be bad, cause MCS has nothing to do with the image, other than finding it. Unless it’s OC, then…whoa.

    also: hipster hulk is my most fav.

    tiki god

    shit yes I would have, I follow loldwell like a mofo


    The title of the post is misleading. Those are faggot superheroes, not hip superheroes.


    Actually, you can’t post them *due* to the new limitations.


    I was hoping that was chocolate.


    Ty, there is horrible spelling all over this post.


    What are you talking about, it’s the only spelling mistake. And what is “ty” supposed to mean. Writing in fragments is horrible too.


    That is Kishi, not Ty. Is Ty your pet name for Kishi?


    Spidey is making that hipster photographer pose.

    What’s his name?!


    That’s the Prancing Cera pose.

    Malta Soron

    Iron Man? More like Ironic Man!


    sooo…. batman has another batmobile? get it? ha?! ha!? <— fail

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