All we need is…

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    Cute, without peace between two individuals there can be no fucking.

    You can love drugs.

    And you surely can’t Rock ‘n Roll with the concept of music.

    It’s all related, it’s all good, and we need to do all of those this weekend.


    Obviously you need to take a pill and get laid. Preferably to some sort of kick-ass theme music.

    Sex w/o Peace between 2 people = ROUGH sex. Are you new?


    No he talked about making papercuts on a woman’s nipples in another thread. He may have been sarcastic, but I’d like to think it’s true because it makes me cringe to this day… with delight! No not really.


    It’s nice that you want to give advice on sex. You reek of expertise, good man.

    BUT to me, there has to be a mutual agreement for it to be really rough sex. Otherwise it’s rape. Hence my loose concept based on ‘peace’.


    someone should decorate a blimp with this post!!!!!!

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