Sounds legit man.

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    cool story, joseph


    How modern.


    That’s a pretty big part of the religion, even if not always so blatant; why do you think they call it the “Missionary Position?” It was taught that a man should always be in control; always.

    I think I remember something about God getting really pissed off about Adam on bottom and deciding that childbirth will hurt for all humanity for all time; but I completely forget if it was part of the Lilith era or the Eve era. Rusty on my Eden.


    This is Paul’s opinion written in a letter to Timothy and was not spoken by Jesus. That’s the problem with zealot Christians and people who bash Christians, neither group seems to read the sentences before or after a quote they what to scream aloud. Muslims are worst, they believe the whole Koran was dicated by Allah to Mohammad, so Muslims believe that every word is a direct command from their god and since Allah is perfect so is his book. Everything else is not. That the problem with zealot Christains, Christians bashers and Muslims, their views are from extremely narrow… Read more »


    And I think you’re full of shit.

    Comparing “Christian bashers” to zealot Christians shows that your views are from an extremely narrow field of vision. Try again when you hear of Christian bashers go on crusades, burn women or bomb abortion clinics, until then sort out your priorities and don’t compare makers of memes on the Internet to fucking extremists. It’s satire and nowhere does it say this is a quote from Jesus.


    Oh, hush, woman


    Do you have the same outlook on Muslims as you do Christians, or are you just enjoy attacking Christians?




    So your god just put this part in the bible for shits and giggles? I forgive you for being a weaksauce Christian, but Jesus won’t.

    Jesus Christ

    Korinthian’s right, you know.


    i invented the word weaksauce, dont forget it.


    Not my god, because I’m not a christian.

    fracked again

    It is supported by old testament law as well. Jesus is not recorded to have spoken out against it, but hey, there is no extra-biblical evidence from contemporary sources that Jesus even existed, so thats a push at best.


    From what I read, Jesus seemed to be pretty inclusive about woman (even contrary to the old testament), but it was Paul’s anti-woman sentiment that the Church seemed to adopt.


    No blowjobs for you.


    best. answer. evar.


    Think this is bad? Sexism is the least of the problems of the bible (and most of it can’t be excused by “it was Paul’s personal opinion”).


    The thing is that most all of Paul’s writings were not done to make “The Bible”. they are letters that he wrote and sent out to different friends and congregations.


    If only your god had any foresight in such matters. I bet the writing of the bible came as a total surprise to him.

    Why do you worship a god you think so little of?


    srry, 3/10 is the best i can give you. troll harder next time


    Another Christian (that can’t defend their god) running away.

    You get no points for that, I’m afraid.

    (This means I’m in the lead!)




    Don’t want to feel left out, but can’t express that hole of a feeling in your chest eloquently?

    Here, have a consolation point.


    Women aren’t permitted to teach or speak out against a man…

    wait for it…

    in the congregation.

    You rabid, illiterate children-beast.


    And this makes it okay how?

    You rabid, sexist, old-timey bigot.


    Because the brothers and sisters in the congregation were to follow the organized setting reflective of the (model) literal family (Eph 5:21-24). Woman under Man Man under Christ Christ under God The victim complex you’re so viciously defending assumes that being “under” someone is a harsh burden and makes them less of a human being. Because being in subjection makes you a slave and a chew toy, right? That’s never the case for real Christians or for that matter, any decent human being. If my wife understands and accepts the headship arrangement in the home and church that doesn’t mean… Read more »


    Oh, I notice what you did there: You changed the subject from talking and teaching to subjugation in the household. Sneaky Christian is sneaky. You still haven’t explained how telling a woman to stfu in this general manner is okay. If the woman should be under man as man is under Christ, how is that not lording over somebody else? If you were trying to make a case for yourself, you have utterly failed. In fact, you have only worsened it by adding more of the blatant sexism that the old book contains. Man, someone need to bring you Christians… Read more »


    Geez, do I need to chew your food for you too? Let’s say you work for a large corporation. Do you expect to be able to stand up while the CEO is talking at a meeting, call out “bullshit” to his plans for the company, second guess his next quarter projections, claim you can do a better job and still remain employed? If you can’t, does that mean you’re an abused, worthless slave who should GB2mailroom? There’s an order to the organization called Christianity. In the home and in the church. That doesn’t mean that everyone but the Christ has… Read more »

    fracked again

    Its a shitty model. No woman can teach a man in temple. No woman, no matter how smart or wise she may be is better equipped than the dumbest half wit with a penis. Why? Because of myths.


    fracked again said it well. Your CEO analogy fails because it assumes that women are worse at teaching, talking and leading than men. Are you a proponent of monarchy as a means of rule as well? “There’s an order to the organization called Christianity. In the home and in the church. That doesn’t mean that everyone but the Christ has to stfu and be pissed on.” You do realize the whole idea of your particular religion is based on myths that cannot be challenged, right? It’s the very epitome of being pissed on, at least if you value free thought… Read more »


    Ah, nothing like a religion-related post to generate a thoughtful and rational discussion.