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    Starring at these too long will make you trip balls off



    Insanely Rational

    “Least imaginative movie about dreams ever made.” — Some internet guy

    “Some writers think women are just decoration. Nolan doesn’t even get that far. All women in Nolan’s movies are either cartoonishly evil harpies or personality-free props put in the movie just because ‘something’ has to be ‘female’.” — Another internet guy

    “It continues the tradition of all other Chris Nolan movies: more plot holes than actual plot.” — Yet another internet guy

    “An ‘intellectual’ movie for people without an intellect.”

    “How old is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, anyway? 15?”

    Don’t forget to check “Inception: the abridged script” at


    I don’t want to assume anything but I hope you are equally disgusted by the rest of the other even lesser imaginative crap out there, such as Saw and Avatar.


    Okay, there is a serious reason why movie critics actually have jobs. They are smart at this kind of stuff. They understand Movie Theory. They know what we subconsciously look for in movies and are able to articulately spell out how much the movie matches up to that.

    Its the same reason why I don’t listen to Some Internet Guy.

    Some people could look at anything and fucking whine. “Its not anyones fault but your own that you’re such a loser” My review of you. As someone who has forgotten more about movies than you and everyone you’ve ever met could hope to learn in ten lifetimes you sir are wrong a pretty fucking stupid. I studied under a woman who when working as a grad student was the right hand to Marshall McLuhan. In fact: “Least imaginative movie about dreams ever made.” The is the opposite of the truth. I suppose you’re a big Robin Williams fan or something?… Read more »


    Some internet guy, proof that even film school dropouts, who couldn’t direct a ten second commercial for a late night TV spot, are given an equal voice by the internet.

    Luke Magnifico