Every time you torrent, God kills a Cinema

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    Alec Dalek

    Fuck cinema. I’d rather watch movies on Blu-Ray with a 1080p TV.

    teezy weezy


    Super Loco

    False, tv will never match the experience of cinema.

    Alec Dalek

    You don’t have my TV.


    Most cinemas would be dead if this was real and I was the only person “torrenting”, kittens would still be alive, though not many.


    Pretty much what I was thinking.


    3D is coming out for TVs. Cinemas are doomed.


    Fuck all of you. Cinemas kick ass!!! Nothing beats the cinema experience, unless you have a cinema in your own house with a HD projector and comfy seats( I wants). I am still bummed one of the last drive ins closed down nearby.


    You can kill off cinemas,but you can`t kill off Pirate Bay.God knows they`ve tried.


    This cinema, is actually great. I saw ‘Taking of pelham 123’ (original) there last year. It’s an independant cinema in the centre of london, it’s just great. It has a sense of humour, too, if you didnt guess.


    I love going to cinemas in the US. Great atmosphere, people applaud and laugh when needed.

    In Taiwan, its complete silence. No applause at the end, no laughter, no emotion.



    Why would you applaud a film if the director/main actor/writer is not in the room?


    Thanks, that’s what I was gonna say. It’s only a screen and I want to be able to hear the dialogue not only before something funny or clever happened but also afterwards, for fuck’s sake. Only real performers can pause for applause or laughter.

    Also stop showing horribly dubbed films when you fucking know that every person who could possibly want to see this understands English. Fucking cinema managers around here need a reality check because I swear they make the same decisions an 80 year old woman would make.


    People (me included) do not applaud the Screen, or the Actor on it, we aren’t old ladys waving the weather man on TV, but we do applaud because we want to and to let the people around us know that we enjoyed that. And of course I’m talking about clapping after the movie, not during. Besides, I attend a lot of premiers/previews/festivals/test group showings, it’s not uncommon that one of the producers of the movie or maybe a manager from another cinema is in the audience, to see how people like the movie (and if he should get it for… Read more »


    I both enjoy and hate this. I enjoy when there is applause, but only because when there is (at least in my experience) it was a truly spectacular film. I hate people who will not shut the fuck up while the movie is actually on, though. Jesus fucking rip these people’s tongues out, will ya?


    The applause is an emotional response to the film.


    And me calling them morons is an emotional response to the applause.


    And me getting off on your rudeness is an irrational response to you being rude.


    And me getting off on dieAntagonista getting off is a biological response to me wanting nookie.


    I had to look up nookie. What an amazing word.


    Why don’t you know Limp Bizkit used to do it for the nookie?


    “The URL contained a malformed video ID.”

    Lemme see.


    That sounds retarded.

    Luke Magnifico

    It’s called competition. Compete.


    This, lol.

    Alec Dalek

    Their failed business model is not our problem.


    Such utter bullshit. It’ll only be true when computer monitors are 30 feet tall and 75 feet across. It’s the same faulty logic people have been using for 100 years. “Ooo! Don’t buy RECORDS! It’ll kill live music!”. Same thing for cassette tapes. I laughed when people whined about recording songs from the radio, and from recording shows and movies from TV. The RIAA realized that music companies were still making record profits despite MP3s and downloading. If cinemas are looking at a decline, it’s from the shitty movies, not from downloading! Oh, and for the record, cinemas don’t make… Read more »


    Which they rarely get from me. I usually do buy a popcorn. I know it’s waaaaaaay overpriced and horrible for me, but I love the stuff. I bring my own drink in though.


    Fuck em !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Think Tank

    Start making movies worth paying 12 dollars to see, then we can have a conversation.

    Jesus Christ


    Super Loco



    +.50 is what I still have to pay to go see a movie.

    So I get to do what I want.

    Every time you use a torrent you hit back at the people who have been making billions off you for years by restricting the distribution network purposefully and censoring the shit out of everything to fit their version of acceptability.

    Anyway torrents? Really? Cause 2008 was probably around the last time they were even a solid option compared to direct downloads.


    Torrents go *WOOO WOOO*. Where as direct downloads go *CHUGA CHUGA*.


    Even if I torrent only music?




    At $8-15 just for a ticket and $5 for a soda cup full of ice… movie theaters can SMD.


    That is why you go to the Matinees. DUH!


    Cinemas are dying because they’ve been taking their customers for granted. I can’t remember the last time I went to one where I wasn’t afraid I’d catch something from the chairs that needed to be re-covered or that didn’t have that, old stale building smell. Also how often is the picture slightly out of focus? Perhaps if they made more of an effort more people would still leave their home theater systems and go watch a movie at a cinema. And don’t get me started on how the concessions cost way more than the movie ticket.