That`s alotta freckles

freckl.jpg (445 KB)

Click through to the big pic….I dare ya.

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    I’m left wondering if the majority of her freckles are naturally occuring or if they are the result of being sunburned repeatedly or very badly?
    Would be VERY interested in a nude pic of her to verify the extent of her freckledness…for scientific purposes, of course. 😉


    I will validate his research, as long as all materials are also provided to me.


    Gorgeous. I clicked and had to stare in amazement for a while. Up close they look they’re painted on, but with a specific brush and each stroke is different than the other. It’s hard to believe things like this happen at random yet if one tries to draw random freckles on a person on paper, it is so difficult to make it seem truly random. It’s the most bizarre thing, Charlotte Gainsbourg mentioned it too, in Science of Sleep.

    Gary Generic

    Beautiful girl, with a lot of character in her eyes.


    Fucking nasty.

    This only works on cheetahs, on people it looks like they’re fucking decaying.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Thanks man.

    Oh ya I’ve got more freckles than that chick. Most are on my face and arms since they see the most sun.


    reminds me of the character Summer, from moon over june NSFW LINK –

    I had to go through a bunch to find one that both showed all her freckles and wasn’t them sitting on the toilet or something gross like that. You’re welcome.


    The freckles are the scars left from when the soul is extracted

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    This makes sense.

    I make sense.


    I’d like to play connect the dots… with my tongue.


    My derm used a special camera to take a pic of my skin and it looked like this. Every part of my body that was regularly exposed to sunlight was completely full of freckles, most of which couldn’t quite be seen in normal light.




    As per usual, I was going to say KILL IT WITH FIRE.
    But… looks like someone’s already tried fire on her.


    I only have freckles on my shoulders I’ve never had trouble with them, I get sunburnt consistently but I always peel and come out with an intense tan.


    I got a VERY bad sunburn one summer on my shoulders, back, and arms. My skin became one large bubble-of-a-blister, then then it turned into what can only be described as alligator skin.That came off like I was shedding.It was brown and and came off in large, hard chunks. Then the skin under that looked like a “normal sunburn” and peeled twice!
    Now my skin in those areas hardly tans and is full of freckles. It actually looks like her upper arms.


    was the shirt shopped?


    This is far from unnatural – it’s clear that most of you are unfamiliar with hue filtering for a B&W image. Choosing a base colour helps you to emphasise a specific tone and make it appear darker. Each to their own taste wise, but I think she’s delicious.


    YUMMY woman !