This One Runs On…

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    But how do they get their bikes to the park to ride on the bike trails?




    What it doesn’t say is the one that makes you fat will run over the one that runs on fat because the fat person in the car is probably eating a cheeseburger while driving.


    This one takes you two hours to get somewhere. This one takes twenty minutes.


    How do you arrive at a conclusion like that?


    Because a car is faster than a bike.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Then at least check your math. A car driving in city traffic is not six times faster than a bicycle. If your driving to work at rush hour, its probably slower.


    Not everyone lives in a city. I commute 150-20 miles a day for work.


    LOL, I mean 15-20 miles

    And if you live in a city with that kind of traffic, your bike is almost certainly illegal on the streets. You would have to bike 20-30 miles out of your way to get around areas you aren’t allowed to ride your bike.

    And even if it WERE legal, it would certainly be unsafe to ride a bike through that kind of traffic. That’s how bikers wind up saving the lives of people waiting for an organ transplant. 😉


    not to mention that ill be soaked in sweat from the bike.


    Recently got my bike out, realised it’s faster than using public transport/driving in the city (london). Fell in love with it.

    But fuck off am i ever using it to go to the shops or something, i’ve got a fucking car.


    The one on the left is for:
    – Kids
    – Women
    – Dirty stinky hippies
    – Europeans

    The one on the right is for
    – Real men with a job
    – People who aren’t poor
    – Cool people



    Alec Dalek

    Cplus3 is correct, sir!


    i drive a car to help erase humans, CO2 ftw.


    So we’re not going to discuss the totally incorrect statements being made here?


    What statements?


    I’m sorry, I made an incorrect statement. CO2 actually isn’t killing anyone 🙁


    No, but taking it away kills plants and trees.


    biking takes me about the same amount of time as driving would, if you include door to door (i.e. locking bike/finding park and walking) over a distance from 5-7km home to work.

    both of them piss all over public transport.

    If it’s raining the bike is usually vastly quicker than the car, but you have to allow for getting wet, which fortunately for me doesn’t bother me 🙂

    But I agree with the above about bike shopping. I’m having to do it by necessity these days, but a car just makes that so much easier.