New Batteries

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    Alec Dalek

    Some women that complain that men can’t please them need to put down their damn vibrator once in a while. It desensitizes their “christian area”.


    Did a man or women invent the vibrator?

    fracked again

    A man. They were designed to treat the condition of hysteria.


    “hysterical paroxysm”

    I will be laughing at that for awhile.


    This woman looks oddly like our professor that led us around in Germany.


    Alec, not all men CAN sexually please a woman.
    And “christian area” offends me.

    Also, pic is true. Careful with new batteries, ladies. (and men?)

    Alec Dalek

    Which reason is it offensive?

    I use the phrase to poke fun at the attempts made by religion to deny human nature (with christianity being the most prevalent in my neck of the woods).


    I was kidding.
    I wouldn`t mind being “poked” in my “christian area”, right about now.

    Mental note to self – buy batteries.

    PS – Page hung up when I just tried to reply.
    This shit is killing my MCS experience.


    So you are looking for a hysterical paroxysm? Well, I happen to be a licensed doctor (sort of), and I could assist you with this.


    I need to make an appointment, Doc.
    How soon can you…fit me in?


    In some movie they had women going to the doc for “uterine manipulation” to help w/ hysterical paroxysm. Gotta love a good euphemism.


    Some men can sexually please a woman. True.

    but No man can vibrate.


    They have those vibrating cock rings, but it seems like they would cause more problem than solve.


    You obviously haven’t mastered the art of wrist pressure learned from track and field on the playstation, ladies love track and field pros – Or at least I think they do, I’m too busy playing track and field to find out.