solicitor notice

solicitor notice

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    Um, my Solicitor is welcome in my house. He deals with issues regarding the law and my ability to sign leases on property. I DO NOT WANT HIM DEAD. Until he gives me the bill perhaps.

    tiki god

    had some motherfuckers come up to my house and try to sell me fucking window repairs for my truck’s front window, and I’m like, hey mother fucker, these are private streets, you need to move your fucking bitch asses out of my fucking neighborhood before someone calls the cops on you, and the dude’s all like “nah man, I got a permit” and I’m like, fuck you and your fucking permit, permit my dick mother fucker. and then I called the cops. four hours later on my way home from the home despot, I saw them walking down the street… Read more »


    Epic rant is epic.


    “email”? I can’t keep up with this Hip Hop Lingo

    teezy weezy

    Olde English but solicitor in England is what you Umericans call a lawyer.

    Not entirely a fail, fain




    Needs a cookie exception. Girl Scout cookies are om to the nom.