the many faces of deadpool

the many faces of deadpool

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    Think Tank

    Does your comic book suffer from lagging sales? Is your editor on your case for the next big story arc? Has any attempt to introduce Spiderman or Wolverine as a guest character caused the audience’s eyes to glaze over with boredom? Well, look no further my friend! What we have here is the latest and greatest in guest characters. Take the wise cracking lightheartedness of Spiderman with the badass-everyone-wants-to-be-ness of Wolverine, throw in a rip-off of Slade from Teen Titans and you’ve got yourself…….. DEADPOOL! Guaranteed to raise sales 10%* or Rob Leifeld will personally stop by and give you… Read more »


    At the very least? Homestar reference in the bottom left seals it for me. I agree about his overexposure, though.