The Perfect Pour

The Perfect Pour

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    I’m boring. Just basic black for me.


    The I Hate Coffee
    0 parts coffee
    1 part Earl Grey


    white chocolate mocha with no goddam whipped cream, from my local coffee shop


    Lotsa cream lotsa sugar


    It’s all bullshit, straight up black with none of that iced-mocha-chino-latte-spresso euro-faggotry.

    Just coffee, nothing else, just fucking coffee and the rest of it can fuck off.


    Word. Once you go black, you don’t go back.


    Hey our coffee is on there! Vienna coffee. That’s the one I do almost all day. Every 9th person wants a cafe Melange though, unless the person comes together with another person, then they order the same and mess up my coffee predictability calculations. Stupid motherfuckers.


    What the hell happened to just having a normal coffee?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Top row, middle.


    I gotta try some of these out, plain black and café con leche can only go so far.


    Not really. Ever since I started drinking black, I couldn’t really drink anything else. Sugar or cream or whatever they put in just don’t taste right to me anymore.


    I love black coffee, and my morning cup HAS to be black with just a little bit of sugar, but I wouldn’t mind a little variety once in a while.


    i’m not going to put any confidence in a graphic that claims to tell you how to do “the perfect pour” and leaves out a ristretto shot… 8/


    Just gimme a fucking coffee.

    Or tea using PG Tips.

    Tiggle Bitties

    PG Tips to the fucking max man


    keep your whipped cream away of my cup!


    What is on here as a Cafe Latte is actually a Cafe Au Lait, what’s listed as a Flat White is a Latte, and a Flat white is actually 50/50 Espresso and steamed milk.

    But none of it can hold a candle to what I drink – I roast my own coffee, grind it extra coarse, brew it in a French Press, drink it black. When it’s fresh, and brewed strong in the press, you actually get to taste all the rich, chocolate-type flavors that are naturally in the coffee.


    Complex and confusing world of coffee

    *Cue for sophisticated music students*


    Mocha (sometimes double) with the whip for me or Hot Chocolate. I am slowly becoming a coffee snob. The best coffee shop moved in across from my work and they bake their own beans right next store to their shop. Plus they have the hottest barista ladies.

    That vienna coffee sounds gnar dieA. That would give me the shakes.

    I want to try the YuaYang and Irish Coffee