Down at the Pier

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So I took my new lens out for a test run. Really impressed with the results.

Location: Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne – Australia
Canon EOS 300D + Sigma 70-300mm APO DG MARCO

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    lemon floor wax

    Nice work. The gull in the last pic is like “WTF dude?”


    70-300, I envy you although I’m a sucker for close-ups. I’m gonna have to get one of those long range ones eventually, but I’m not sure which to invest in first.

    Tiggle Bitties

    goddam it I always get very angry when I see photographers with good equipment. alas someday I will join your ranks!!


    equipment- check
    now find an interesting subject matter.
    seagulls and sunsets are super cliche.


    im going to get a 550D on finance, only problem is i wont be able to afford any decent lens or a case or a tripod or remote shutter release.. so yeah, if i buy a lower spec than that i know i’ll want to upgrade in no time.. where as this way i can get a lens next month etc 🙂
    i’ve even taken my car off the road haha


    sorry i did intend on complimenting your pics firstly but some how managed to be a selfish prick haha the pics are awesome!
    i take it you have plenty more?


    These are beautiful. My background thanks you. 🙂