My Ideal Supper

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sooo gooooood
spicy fried pork sausages with sundried tomatoes and basil inside of them with MUSTARD.
and peas with MUSTARD AND RANCH

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    tiki god

    how do you go about frying up your sausage?


    Yellow mustard?


    Yeah, you need some spicy brown mustard to go with that. Try Gulden’s if you’re in the states. Not badly priced, can be found in most grocery stores, not too much on the spice, but a very robust mustardy flavor.


    Dear gods, this looks terrible. 🙁

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I would eat that for sure.

    In fact I may try to recreate that.


    Canadians are so weird sometimes.


    mmm me wants *puts mustard on his ham sammich*


    This could just as easily be a meal in the Southern states.


    Except there everything would be fried and breaded.


    Enjoy your Porkakke!


    Your sausage has become a mustard delivery device.