The Amazing Adventures of Tungsten

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My Hero!

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    Now I want one. How much would a tungsten rig cost?


    You mean like a tungsten 18-wheeler??


    Rig may refer to: Rig, a slang term referring to a tractor unit Drilling rig, a structure housing equipment used to drill or extract oil from underground Gaming rig, a PC built for high-performance gaming Rigging or skeletal animation, grouping the elements of parts such as limbs in an animated 3D computer model Rig (stage lighting) Rig, the configuration of sails and other rigging on a sailing vessel Rig, in skydiving, a parachute system Rig or run rig, a traditional system of land occupation in Scotland Rig, a horse-drawn carriage together with the horses and harness Rig, in abstract algebra,… Read more »


    LOL Nice!




    Mine cost me $199. I don’t have to worry about the ring bending or being scratched, etc. I would have to maybe worry if some accident happened and my finger started to swell, but they apparently make some sort of breaking spot in the ring or the docs are supposed to have gear that can remove it fairly easy enough. I used to work at some movie theaters and the xenon bulbs in the projectors used tungsten tips that would arc the electric current (about 3 or 4 inches long and 1 inch thick.) That shit was dense as hell… Read more »


    I need tungsten to live! Tungsten!

    Hot Chick

    I love this post. Bending blenders LOL!