job hunt

job hunt

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    Might find teh funneh if it were large enough to read the text, but I doubt it.

    Well drawn, at least.


    Jesus strikes again


    Nonsense. He’s so happy with his near-poverty-level unemployment benefits that he isn’t looking for a job.


    An accurate depiction of me right now.

    Almost done at university now, getting nothing but mostly A’s and a few B’s, but i cant even get the grocery stores to call me back about pushing shopping carts.

    Im not done yet people! I still need food too! I still need a job even if its crappy but works with my school hours!

    employers: NO!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Where did you live and what did you major in? If you’re in your final year of university and you’re not already at least working a paid internship, you’re headed towards a major cliff.


    Im in British columbia. Its just a diploma though its credits are fully transferable to a bachelor of science (major in computer science) that i can jump into and complete aswell.

    Im not too concerned about a job in the related field yet. Hell, depending on the job i will need atleast 5 years in the field before i would even be considered doing something like data analysis work.

    Anyway, im sure alot of people here have experienced this issue at one time.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Diploma is a bit different than finishing university 🙂
    But good luck out there. One recommendation: find something to combine with the computer science, like accounting or biology. Computers are means to an end, not a end unto themselves.


    I’m in this situation myself. I got a summer job with my university, but that ends in a few days. I’ve been looking for other jobs all summer, but I have yet to hear back from anyone. *sigh*


    Heh, I was there earlier this year.


    That is so close to the truth.
    Currently at day 70.
    I’ve got a freaking Ph.D. for chrissakes!
    In computer science! Jeez!