jesus is a dick

jesus is a dick

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    Small picture is tiny.


    yeah, jesus would have at least submitted a legible picture.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Jesus is still suspect. Submitting tiny pics could be considered dickish.


    yeah, but his trolling techniques are much more subtle than that. i would assume a troll of his caliber would be a little more creative in his endeavors


    These look really funny. I wish I could read them.


    i refuse to click thru. this funny is lost to me forever.

    Jesus Christ

    You guys always post me at my worst, assholes!


    every time i read your ID, i hear it in the voice of Mr. Slave from South Park


    I hear most things in that voice…


    Actually, the one where he keeps healing the cut the doctor makes it not him being a dick – more people have been killed by doctors trying to remove bullets than ever died from leaving a bullet in. Somehow people got this weird idea that bullets are fatal unless removed instantly. Many people have had bullets in them for over 50 years and never had a problem. Lead is only a problem if you EAT it, not if it’s embedded in the flesh.


    jesus made me delete System 32??!! jesus IS a dick!


    you dun goofed. he doesnt delete, jesus saves

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