Canon and Kodachrome

Canon and Kodachrome.jpg (1 MB)

I got 2 cans of Kodachrome that’s not expired… I’m shooting them next week…

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    Where’s your gallery?


    Very cool. I miss the fuzziness around the edges of things. Seeing every crisp detail tends to grind on my eyes.
    I’m about to start my Project 365 to document my descent into madness that is labor unions. Wish me luck.


    Got a camera and a roll of this film for my 10th birthday. My 1st gallery was a bunch of pictures with one of my fingers in the shot!


    The only place that can develop it properly is in Parsons, KS.

    casemods UID# 667

    non-photography guy here – what’s so good about this?

    I have a canon ae-1….if that matters?

    Kik Dogg

    Not surprising that you are so clueless. The world suffered an artistic loss when Kodak stopped making Kodachrome.

    I envy you, bottlecap.


    NPR had a really good interview with the guy who was issued the last roll of film (and now it is driving me nuts that I can’t think of his name, but he shot that picture in the 80s for Time of that Pakistani lady wearing red with those piercing green eyes that’s been voted the most often seen photograph of all time, what the fuck is his name?). Anyways, it was really interesting. Casemods, Kodachrome took personal color photography out of the novelty age and into real competition with black and white for making genuinely functional and artistically acceptable… Read more »


    Oh, and if you’re not using those soon, bottlecap, get them into the freezer. Don’t take them through an airport (x-rays). There’s only one shop in Iowa that is still developing Kodachromes and they shut down the last day of August. Do you know how to develop these yourself?

    Super Loco

    ISO 64! Lovely!


    Kodachrome 64 was awesome indeed, but the chems used to process were pretty heinous (bad for the environment and the tech). I shot my weight in the stuff, and printed enough Cibachromes to probably render myself sterile. You can replicate K64 pretty easily by blasting the image with saturation (especially on the red channel), increasing the contrast, and softening just a bit.


    The Lomography site has a pretty good range of pretty expensive film.


    Great… Take it out to the shooting range, and shoot that film… Use your digital camera to record the resulting mess of shot-up film, in glorious digital detail.

    Good riddance too. Why use film, now that digital detail is comparable, and you don’t have to pay for development?

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