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damn fine movie that is.

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    It was about to, damn it!


    Even if the top did fall at the end, it wouldn’t have meant anything. The top spinning constantly just shows that he’s in someone else’s dream, someone who doesn’t know how the top acts in real life.

    He could’ve still been in his own dream, in limbo or whatever. The top would’ve fallen, because his mind knows it’s supposed to fall.

    That said, I was still wishing for it to fall at the end, and then it went black and I was like “OH GODDAMNIT!”

    OH yeah, spoiler alert about ten seconds ago.

    tiki god

    yeah, that and they gave away the fact that he was still in a dream by repeating verbatim the dream / memory of his kids that he’d been having for the last X years. The kids were even wearing the same clothing!


    The kids were different, the ones in the dream were different actors to the ones at the end. The ones in the dream are 2 years and 20 months old, and the ones at the end are 5 years and 3 years old.

    So says IMDB anyway.

    tiki god

    last I read on IMDB, the actors that were shown were the same, but the ones on the phone were different.


    Oh right, I didn’t know that. I thought they were the actual actors 😐

    Three of the four actors are related so I thought they’d chosen them cos they look similar enough that they could be used at the end :-#


    You’re over thinking it. He was awake. He spinned the top at it’s highest velocity so it kept spinning for a longer length of time. The top wobbled just before the screen went black. So he was back in reality. The director was just messing with the audience to create discussion and it worked. If he wanted him to continue to be in dreamland, Nolan would have explained who’s dream he was in.


    If you just waited until after the credits you’d get closure.

    tiki god

    you best be trollin son

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