Tonights dinner

DSCN6503.jpg (455 KB)

What is M[C]S eating tonight?

Obviously not as cool as what I’m having.

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Nothing in this picture technically qualifies as “food”.


    Is that pizza on your bathroom floor on a piece of cardboard? Do I get extra points if I ate from an actual plate made of ceramic? My food was very uncool though, it’s true. Lentils with broccoli and white mushrooms. Can’t say it wasn’t delicious, however. And before that I had a mango, a red green one (I think), even though the yellow ones are much better for some mysterious reason.


    I’d say counter top. Lots of old shitty houses use that exactly tile back where I used to live in San Jose when I was a kid. I’m sure it’s somewhere like that, considering clamato and shitbeer sounds like some Californian attempt at fusion foodstuffs.


    sperm pizza looks totally grody


    You’re not even funny as a troll.


    fail fail


    That’s really sad. Thank you. You have made me feel better about myself yet again.


    You know you’re a redneck when…

    …your beer of choice is Bud Light.

    fracked again

    With clamato. Oh god, I think I’m going to vomit.


    I didn’t even know it existed. That…uh…meal looks absolutely disgusting. I think he already puked on the pizza.


    an King = king fag


    why would you ruin perfectly good clamato juice by putting bud light in it?


    What’s for dessert? 20 year old Twinkies?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’ve never seen Bud Light with Calamto.

    I don’t like tomato juice but if someone did is that actually a tasty combo?

    The pizza doesn’t look tomato enough. Needs more toppings.


    This carp looks like some sort of bent hangover cure.


    needz moar draino

    seriously, kill yourself


    For dinner, I made chicken breasts marinated in beer for 24 hours.
    I couldn`t taste a damn difference from non-beer marinated chicken.


    A proper marinate has to be acidic in order to pass into the meat. Beer just isn’t enough, as you’ve found out.


    I discovered the same using teriyaki and honey.


    Spinach pasta, marinara and cheese/parsley sausage.


    Brined beer can chicken, grilled corn on the cob and fruit salad. Quite the tasty.


    Add some white or apple cider vinegar(4-8 ounces) and some seasonings. It’ll make a huge difference.


    My 5pm meal: 2 Grilled Teriaki pork chops, 1 boiled fresh corn on the cob, and 1 cup of home made Mac & Cheese.

    Say what you will about the USA and the mid-wests’ tendency to be overweight; we are a very fortunate people.


    I bought myself dinner. A Carnita Super Burrito from my favorite Taqueria in town and a tasty Tamarind Jarrito Mexican Soda to chase it down. Yummy!


    Jarritos Tamarind is proof that Mexico loves us and wants us to be happy.


    Some people are just not too picky about what they eat. Natural selection will weed them out eventually though. As long as there’s a market for it, America will keep making and selling crap…

    War Horse

    Talk about awful looking. BL in general is some nasty crackhead crap, but adding Clamato to it takes it down to whole new levels. This post is interesting though, here I thought the only people who drank that crap were day laborours who couldn’t even tell you what the Internet is.


    He is a day laborer and using is not the same as knowing.


    dood. that looks disgusting. i can imagine theres so many better meals than this nasty ass “Meal”

    munan speaks

    Are you being punished?? Why the hell are you eating any of that?


    I didn’t realize that vomit on pizza dough base was considered cool.


    Clamato beer and goofy california pizza? God I knew you were a douchebag but I didn’t realize you were a worthless blister on the anus of humanity.
    Please die in a fire screaming for mercy.

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