Science vs. Norse Mythology

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    tiki god

    my god carries a hammer


    You are my god, you’re still gay but you are my (gay) god.


    pff, and to think you suckers fell for that “science” crap. ODIN!!!


    Hail Odin!


    See, unlike those wussy Christians that will huff and cry and maybe sic a lawyer on you, my kind will bury an axe in your head. But hey. As long as you don’t try to take away my mead,(just ask! I’ll be happy to share a horn.) I’ll be happy to let you have your delusions of knowledge of the universe


    those of the mainstream religions cant handle that they believe in a lie and will take offense to ANY difference of opinion (especially christians and jews, they whine ALOT if any position presents itself) The norse religion is the most factual history of humanity, and is one of the 3 real religions that have been on this earth for many many thousands of years, predating nearly all modern religions, the norse faith has the best codes of faith to follow, especially since unlike other religions that have modernised themselves to suit each new generation, the norse faith has stayed the… Read more »

    fracked again

    Oh yeah, sounds exactly like the history of humanity. Humans are a frost giant’s armpit sweat. Makes complete sense, those fossils are just lies, like magnets. And it never changed when outside influences came to bear (Christianity) or modified to fit political and cultural goals (Nazi Viking cosplay).

    Nope, its pure as the driven snow, and The Mighty Thor is the New Testament!


    I think it pretty conclusive – Norse Mythology wins!


    Axe in forehead always wins!


    I’m sold. *begins constructing Norse church in my backyard*


    Any religion that demands a Mead Hall is alright in my books.


    99% of what we know about Norse mythology comes from two books, both written by a Christian, who mainly wanted to keep a poetry tradition alive.

    Kommissar is hilarious.