Replicating Nanomachines

Replicating Nanomachines.jpg (228 KB)

flickr: jurvetson

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    No. It’s just an image of a bacterial ribosome. It’s only a “self-replicating nanomachine” is the same sense as every living cell.


    It is blobs like these I hope will help me turn into an immortal constant ecstasy blob incapable of feeling anything else eating up every atom only to add each atom to the ecstasy centre until there’s none left and then staying like that forever and ever and ever. Either that or a pair of laser eyes. I’m sure we can work something out. ISN’T THAT RIGHT MY LOVELY BLOB FRIENDS


    It’s not so much a question of what I want but rather what I don’t want. Dying is not on my list of want, regardless of what this or that dead wise man said about it. If I have to do though, I’m not leaving without having experienced an improved human body. Whether it’s being as fast as a leopard, the eyesight of a hawk or the strength of a machine, I’ll take anything. Hell I’d be satisfied if I could spend the rest of my life without wasting time with banal activities like sleeping and eating. I should probably… Read more »


    You weave words together so beautifully lady. I want to move as fast as a tiger.


    i want to be a t-rex… in f14


    And legally change your name to Calvin? Hell yeah!


    Transhumanism FTW!