japanese cartoon fan

japanese cartoon fan

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    Haha, this Kenji dude is just like our Ian. Except Ian is Taiwanese and good looking. Strange little humans.


    I’d guarantee that there are plenty of Japanese dudes just like this guy, knowing their penchant for cultural obsessions.

    casemods UID# 667

    In case you guys didn’t know, this is mocking anime fans.


    *Gah!!!* Reminds me so much of this guy I know. He carried his obsession with Japan to the truly stupid level.

    Insanely Rational

    Typical anglo-centric nonsense. The reason anime fans in the US are so adamant about subtitles instead of dubs is because the American dubs are the worst in the planet. A monkey with a Speak & Spell would do a better job the american “actors” they hire for the dubs. All of them seem to belong to the Jon Lovitz school of ACTING!! and seem to have absolutely no understanding of the characters they’re playing. It’s simply painful to watch anime dubs, specially comedies like Azumanga Daioh or even The Slayers and DBZ. But that’s a only problem with American dubs.… Read more »


    I agree with your statement that most American dubs are nonsense. However, you did not need that many words to say it.

    Here is what you should have done:

    Most American dubs are nonsense.


    No, 2 many letters!

    US dubs bad.


    jesus fuck…ease up on the tentacle porn


    Dude, this is about so much more than “american dubs”.

    It’s about anime fags wanting to love a country/culture/language they don’t understand and move to said country and expect every person there to be as nutty as them because they like their cartoons.


    Except Japanese otaku ARE as nutty as them.


    I’ve always wondered if it works like this. Is there some small but growing section in Japanese bookstores carrying Watchmen trades and Batman action figures to cater to a hardcore American comic fanbase? At the very least it would mean America’s not alone in our weird obsessions with foreign stuff.


    In before “Alan Moore’s British, idiot”.


    Alan Moore’s British, idiot.


    also, he wants us comicbook nerds to fuck off.


    Oh how this image haunts /a/