I fucked you all, but thanks for blaming it on the black guy

I fucked you all, but thanks for blaming it on the black guy

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    Just for the people who didn’t watch the daily show

    “He Really Was A Terrible President That Did Run The Country Into the Ground”

    or something like it.


    Fox said the same thing – but they were talking about Clinton


    IMHO: Both were right.


    because people hate niggers more than they hate retards

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    grow up that was funny as hell


    This should be Bill Clinton’s picture saying thanks for blaming it on everyone except me


    Yeah, that fucker and his budget surpluses.


    Projected budget surplus.

    Also, isn’t it about time that Obama stopped blaming everything on Bush? Bush made a ton of mistakes, but considering how bad people knew things were, why did they elect a supremely inexperienced community organizer? I know our candidates were pretty much all crap last election, but the best we could do was a talking head whose strategy has been to blame everything on the guy before him?

    I’ve never heard anyone whose not a neocon giving Bush a pass, so why give Obama one?


    Yeah, he budget that Bush decided not to go w/.
    We’ll stop blaming him when it ceases to be his fault. He started it, he has to deal w/ the consequences. Obama will have his own.
    Almost everyone gave Bush a pass for 6 years.


    I met about ten people who did. Obama can’t blow his nose without blaming it on Bush, so what are we supposed to respect here? It’s also not his fault that Obama promised the moon during the election and delivered a speech about how nice the moon was going to be and how bad the last guy was, so he won’t give it to us. As he continues to try to force through bills that the American public does not want and that no one has read.


    You know it’s kinda hard when Republicans are going out of thier way to deny any bit of legislation that is passed. For fucks sake, Al Franken wrote a bill that allowed people who were raped on the job to sue their employers and every Republican voted AGAINST the bill! The Public health care bill would have been much better in its initial form, instead it was bastardized and raped as Obama’s attempt to bring the two parties closer together. It’s now obvious that’s not going to happen. That is why Obama is forcing bills through. It’s not that it’s… Read more »


    wait, democrats are still saying that Al Gore won the election in 2000. doesn’t that make this Al Gore’s fault?




    Yes, for not manning up and pushing the twerp out of the way.


    Politicians 101.

    Chapter 1: Blame it on the last guy.


    Bonus points since it really is the last guy!


    Awww… I was hoping for more of an in denial shit storm over this one. I guess I’ll have to come back later.


    What are you talking about? Bush was never president.


    Except for the times where he saved America from the Terrorists


    lordy, I hopes that there was some of that sarcasm…


    Agreed. I still love the fact that Rudy Guiliani actually said that the US didn’t face a single terrorist attack during Bush’s presidency.


    It’s literally true. There was more than one.


    The wingnuts think that the earth was created on Jan 20, 2009… it’s like asking a scientist “what was before the Big Bang?”

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I thought it was just the black guys fault for claiming he could fix everything and instead has just done the press circuit over and over…

    Alec Dalek

    /ignore maggie

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    ignore sense

    lets all just keep trying bullshit and hope it works

    I believe thats your presidents angle too right?


    This forum is terrible. Any piece of conservative thinking or thought is down voted. Face it people. Bush messed a bunch of stuff up, but atleast he didn’t make a ton of campaign promises, and fail on every single one of them.

    Obama is a joke, and we will be better off once he gets voted out.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Your good ideas and intelligence have no place round here.

    How dare you be so right?

    You must be a redneck.