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    Why did he buy a Japanese vehicle? I mean, show some support for our country and all that…seriously…


    And unlike some other Japanese makes like Honda that build some cars in the US, Scions are only made in in one factory located in Nagoya, Japan.


    one planet, one people
    ’nuff said


    Except for the Israelis, they’re ok.


    they want one planet one jewish people
    they need shower time


    This would be a great place to slip one of those “I Love Cock” stickers in there somewhere.


    Wonder how many times this asshat’s car has been keyed ( or worse )? The rest of the stickers I can roll my eyes at and get on with my day. The “Isslam” with the SS symbol? That’s just idiotic.

    But, hey, if we’re going to start judging a religion by its extremists, I’ve got a whole book on Christians and Jews both that make Islamic extremists look like fluffy bunnies…


    I’m with you on that but this guy don’t read shit don’t fit on a bumper sticker!


    Yeah but your book is about what happened in the past. Islam is happening NOW. Past wrongs do not make current wrongs ok.


    This nutjob is clearly explained by his Coexistance sticker. He ain’t content unless every god for sakin’ person on this planed is his own damn family. He’d probably do an Old Yeller on any child who chose to follow Islam (which, like Christians, are 99.999% normal people who want to follow a faith, rather than the 1 in 10 million who decide to declare war – on both sides).


    True, but just because the wrongs are in the past, people shouldn’t act as though they’ve never committed any atrocities themselves, which is exactly what I hear on a daily basis. Not from everyone, but from many.

    That’s like two serial killers in prison, one who killed yesterday and one who killed twenty years ago. Is the one who killed 20 years ago less guilty?

    Let he who hath no sin, cast the first stone.


    I don’t ignore the weight of history, but neither do I take the blame for crimes I personally never committed.

    Yes, that is a gross oversimplification.


    Uh, no. Christian and Jewish wrongdoings are happening now. Why don’t you do some real research into what’s going on in the Middle East rather than listening to all the bullshit Faux News feeds you? ALL THREE are propagating the violence, all three are using terrorist tactics – EVEN SUICIDE BOMBERS – against each other.

    And that’s not even mentioning the Christian extremists doing bullshit right here in the USA. Abortion clinic bombings, anyone?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You’re a fucking idiot.

    Ya there sure are lots of…Jewish suicide bombers. And Christian…terrorists. 😐

    You are a simple minded little twit who is as bad or worse than the twit who’s car is pictured above.

    “Faux News”, the American TV station that you lunatic sheep scream murder over, is your first safety zone to run to.

    You’ve probably never even left whatever state is unlucky enough to have your fat ass.

    You’re just so fucking stupid its strange.


    maybe not jewish suicide bombers, but there are state sanctioned civil rights violations by jewish soldiers in palestine.

    And there damn sure are Christian terrorists.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Name some Christian terrorists.

    So no…no Jewish suicide bombers and just some conjecture to try and make a point.

    So you’re wrong.


    Timothy McVeigh.


    The guy who shot the security guard at the Holocaust Museum. The guy who shot Dr Tiller. Various militia groups. KKK. Aryan Brotherhood. These are just from the last year or two. If you live in the US, you’re more likely to have trouble w/ Christian extremists rather than Muslim extremists.

    fracked again

    Don’t bother, Maggie doesn’t have google, so he can’t look up any examples of Christian terrorists (nobody could possibly remember Eric Rudolph, abortion clinic bombers or know of any of the Pentecostal terror groups operating out of Africa, especially Uganda without google).

    And suicide bombing is a tactic used by those with nothing to lose and a religious paradise to gain, which doesn’t fit with Judaism. However, during the formation of Israel, Jewish groups did use terrorism to convince the UK to abandon British Palestine.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Sure they did.

    I thought you had all these creatively treated tidbits stored up your ass and didn’t need google?

    When do you not lie?

    Look up a legit source on Christian terrorists and post it. And no bullshit please. I don’t know why i even said that. All you do is bullshit because you’re a fucking idiot.

    fracked again

    I did remember those, using my brain, not my ass, which for me are separate. That probably is hard for you to understand. Its OK. I’m sure that you didn’t notice the little mention that those didn’t come from google. It must be painful for you to realize that not everybody lives in a state of enraged apathy regarding the world around them.

    You like wikipedia, right? In the past you threw a fit over somebody criticizing its validity, so you should accept this.


    But you wouldn’t know, since you watch Fox News. (shitfit to follow)

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    Did you even actually read that page?

    The KKK? Really? Everything else is ‘historically so and so thinks this is like modern day terrorism…’

    You lose, mary.

    And lie all you want you already admitted you just look stuff up but you keep then insisting you don’t when called out on it.

    You’re a pretty sad little man aren’t you?


    Here in West Virginia the KKK are alive and well. They still use terror techniques. There are towns near me that you can’t be black in, especially after dark. I’ve had to deal w/ graffiti and taunts because I’m atheist and hubby is Catholic. Someone (i.e. KKK) was nice enough to leave me a bloody cow’s head on my porch. The kids were really excited about their new toy.

    fracked again

    Reading comprehension, Maggie. When I say that I didn’t need to look something up, I didn’t. You are halucinating again. You asked for a link, so I looked one up. I’m pretty damn cool, but I can’t just give you a specific link without searching for it first.

    Yes, much of the material on wikipedia is historical, but a great many of the examples are current, suggesting that you are the one that didn’t read the page. Go back and check it out. Its OK. I don’t mind.

    Currently there are extremely violent Christian terrorist groups acting worldwide, such as those in Russia and India, as well as those currently acting in Africa. You are moving the goalposts if you deny that any of them are valid examples. Especially if you don’t count people like Eric Rudolph or Scott Roeder as an example of a contemporary terrorist who is a Christian and was strongly motivated by their religion.

    Christian terrorist groups in the US have become much less common as the DOJ dismantled groups like the KKK and many of the more violent anti abortion groups. The GOP flipped out last year when a government report on right wing domestic terror groups hit a little too close to home to some on their best get out the vote issues. They threw such a fit that they forced the government to retract its report, poking yet another hold in your conspiracy theory about how the left silences its opponents in the US.

    Maybe you should check out the “see also” links before you fall prey to Danth’s Law yet again.


    “Lunatic sheep”? Have you ever watched Fox News? There’s a damn good reason it’s tagged as the source of ignorant right-wing stereotyping.

    And, yes. Look into it from objective sources. All the religions over there use the same terrorist tactics against each other.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    Not everyone is American you fucking retard.

    You are a lunatic and you are a big fat disgusting sheep who should shut the fuck up.

    Look at it with a brain: one religion uses terrorist tactics. A recognized military uses military tactics and despite what your pea sized brain laughably thinks the difference is not only palpable its insane to even compare the two.

    You’re a joke. Get out of the house more. The bad men on the TV station you apparently can’t turn off have dp’d your brain.

    You just keep making yourself look even worse.


    Then we stop at the first line. If you’ve never watched Fox News, then don’t bash people for calling it out as the source of idiocy.


    FFS. He’s Canadian…for the 100th time. That is why I described FOX News to him.


    i agree with you there
    ive met islamic and muslim people, and they are actually quite a peaceful and social people
    the jews ive met are pissy whiny control freaks who get offended at
    the drop of a hat


    Never gets a traffic ticket. Ever.


    Can you imagine being a cop, having to pull this person over?


    Yo guyz!!! I heard that different cultures vary and shit – me personally, I agree, especially in public, but sometimes lean one way or another based on material im exposed to.


    I feel sorry for this person, I bet they wish they had a van or semi-truck so that they could express themselves even more via bumper sticker. I’m sure this person is always the type to rabidly express themselves via email forward.


    All of these stickers combined don’t stir up the sheer bile I felt when I saw a single sticker on a truck that said, with no hint of irony whatsoever, “NUKE THEIR ASS AND TAKE THEIR GAS”.


    Yeah BABY !!


    That ‘Faux News’ comment makes me laugh. Somehow the play on words is supposed to invalidate the news they broadcast. I hear lots of comments about Fox from my liberal friends, but the ONE thing I DON’T hear, is that they are wrong.


    Are you tone-deaf?


    They are wrong – frequently and consistantly


    And by wrong, I don’t mean I disagree with them – they are factually wrong. Inaccurate. They distort the truth. They lie.


    They’ve also been caught many times doctoring photos of political rivals and using misleading footage in stories they air.


    The only thing they might get right is sports… Even then Fox is probably stretching it.


    They’re wrong.


    Not invalidate them. Just accurately classify their supposed “fair and balanced” reporting. Sure, the stories that Fox News reports are true. However, the truth can be carefully edited to fit an agenda. Fox News is very good at that. Mind you, I’m not saying CNN or MSNBC are unbiased…


    If these colors run the world, we’re doing a shit poor job of it.


    You mean the same colors that can’t find Germany or Iraq on a map?
    Hell, not only can’t they run the world, they can’t even find it!


    true dat


    Someone found casemods car?


    it actually could be, doesn’t he live in San Jose? i live right near this dealership


    That “One planet, One people” is what gets me. It reveals so much xenophobia. This is one of those people that starts sentences with “Now, I’m not racist, but…”


    It’s like that sticker is saying “Can’t we eliminate everyone who doesn’t think like me….PLEASE?“.

    hmmmm….I’m thinking I’ve heard something like that philosophy somewhere else….where was that?….


    People like this scare me, truly and honestly. Not only can they not see the other side of any issues, but it’s like they don’t realize another side exists.


    They see it. Unfortunately they’re hallucinating.


    My God has a bigger dick than your God.

    Why is it people have to automatically consider most if not all of the Conservative party as religious nuts?

    I just want some folks in charge who don’t think money just appears when they ask for it.


    It would help if the conservatives would denounce all those bumper stickers insanity. They don’t, so they’re connected.


    Oh and I suspect that the owner of that vehicle considers himself a conservative repub.

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