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    Call me sadistic, but I always get a bit of a smirk every time I see a clever go at fundamentalists. 😉


    Are there fundies out there that don’t know it?


    I love this for a template cause if you change a few words or phrases around, it can be used for any belief system.


    11. Circular logic is valid due to circular logic being valid.



    The above says it all. Christians think this is ok for them but when the Islamic Extremists do it its wrong. It’s wrong no matter who does it.


    Some, not all, my hasty little cherub.


    Well said, JTG.

    I don’t ascribe to Christianity anymore, but I still know quite a few Christians who would say the same think you did, pheonyx. Unfortunately, it’s the irrate activists that get on the news 😛


    Irate activists are more entertaining, especially when they have big signs


    i couldn’t even watch that whole thing…made me feel sick. poor kids 🙁


    1: You make a list like the one pictured here or you happily nodded along with the weak arguments presented.


    oh, looks like we bothered someone over teh inturwebz

    fracked again

    Do you think this is unfair to fundies? It wouldn’t be fair if it was targeted towards liberal Xians, but that isn’t what is being done here.

    Would you say that a person who gets their sole knowledge of the bible from internet retards to recognize #7 as a classic representation of Euthyphro’s dilemma?


    Mentioning an actual esoteric epistomological moral principle on the internet (correctly even)? Mr. Fracked, I don’t know where you live, but I am making it a personal goal to someday travel there for no other reason than to buy you a drink!

    fracked again

    Why thank you kind sir.


    Yet a sign of something mildly unpleasent, at the very least, would be to recognise said arguments as weak whilst being impotent to counter any of them.


    Ooooooooo Well said, sir. Well said indeed.


    What’s your complaint exactly?


    Hush up, Fundie.


    Come up with a rational, logical argument about why the post is weak or inaccurate and we will entertain your argument.


    -12 in, what? 2 hours? yusomad?



    Do you actually plan on saying something?


    I thought I did:
    If you take the time to generate a list like the one pictured here


    a smug smile crept onto your nodding head while reading it


    your knowledge on the subject comes from people likely to eat their own shoelaces.


    i.e. Everything2
    A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing


    derp copypasta fail


    Okay? So you’ve made an if/then causal statement. And then what?

    Why should anyone believe that you are right?

    It’s the because part that you are missing, you know that little bit where you put your supporting evidence when making a declaration about something.

    Here’s an example:
    If you see a list pointing out some inconsistencies in the christian belief system as understood by non-believers

    and your first inclination is to attempt to deride the validity of the points made on the list by calling the people who made the list or agree with it doody-heads

    then you are likely to be a christian who is insecure with your belief

    BECAUSE christians who are insecure with their beliefs seem to be the ones who lash out the most vocally against any negative implications against it.

    You see? Now if someone disagrees with my conclusion, they can argue against my supporting evidence, instead of just making a contrary declaration, which is all anyone can do with your shitty argument.




    “Why should anyone believe that you are right?”

    I never asked anyone to.
    In fact, thanks for your support:
    “then you are likely to be a christian who is insecure with your belief

    BECAUSE christians who are insecure with their beliefs seem to be the ones who lash out the most vocally against any negative implications against it”

    I haven’t lashed out against a single thing. The list is dumb and I could’ve taken my precious time to reasonably debunk it one by one but for whom:
    A site full of atheists who swap trading cards of one another while mentally (and literally) masterbating to their own black-screen-white-text quotes

    and for what:
    not jack shit.


    I don’t have to sit here and supply “arguments” like i’m on trial.

    NO U


    How’d that work out for ya? Seriously though, why bother saying anything if you didn’t plan to start a conversation, especially on this site? You had to know what your comment would spark. I even asked you to point your specific complaint, which you ignored and started a new thread rather than replying to a fairly simple and direct question.


    Let me rephrase my earlier statement, hush up troll.


    I think you are mixing the word secure with arrogant…you are so arrogant in your beliefs that you need not provide arguments like you are on trial. And you did lash out at the picture above by calling those that agree with it retards…way to turn the other cheek.


    You think calling people retards is “lashing out”? Who are you? Sarah Palin?


    you are angry…why? I thought that faith was suppose to guide people to a peaceful place where their mind could be at ease because they knew the truth. You are not at peace though. If you were you would not have even commented. You would have smiled and simply thought ‘No use throwing my pearls to swine (that’s in the bible in case you have not read it before), they will know the true light of God one day.’ But being angry and insecure you make weak arguments…you probably do this because you are bored and like getting a rise out of people. I doubt you are even a Christian I am sure that you are in fact just a troll. But, hey, it’s been emotional.


    Thank you Sarah. You surely must’ve gained such wisdom while meditating on the Alaskan landscape overlooking Russia. Outside your house.

    But the fact of the matter is, I have every right to post my opinion on the images presented here regardless of my religious denomination. Same as you. But I have no desire to debate over the internets. Throwing pearls would’ve been me wasting time going back and forth with you for the sake of “conversation”.


    “But I have no desire to debate over the internets.”

    So why bother posting?

    “Throwing pearls would’ve been me wasting time going back and forth with you for the sake of “conversation”.”

    So why bother posting?

    You lost this one…big time. everyone here now thinks you are a cock.

    So why bother posting?

    You are like the annoying person at a party that just wont leave cos its their right or be there so something.

    fracked again



    How do you have a right to post here? Tiki gives us posting privileges, which he can revoke at his own whim and w/out explanation.


    Bill Mahr is right – religion stops people from thinking. He’s so secure in his beliefs he can’t even explain why.

    fracked again

    And yet, you didn’t answer my question.

    Is this unfair to fundamentalist Christians, which is what it is directed at. Not all Christians, just fundies.


    Negative votes depend on the statement. Sometimes someone says something clever and they get marked down regardless. Sometimes someone says something stupid and they get enough people to agree and they stay out of the red.

    For everyone to vote down a particular comment you had to have said some really stupid shit.


    I prefer not to take what some drunken arab wrote as “facts”. I agree that the general principle of “tolerance” and “kindness” taught to me in Catholic school as a good thing, but lots of retards takes it to the extreme and go around hating other people for not believing the same crap as they do.

    Kelly M

    God is not tolerant of other religions. He tells us in his Bible in no uncertain terms, this
    Jeremiah 25:6
    And go not after other gods to serve them, and to worship them, and provoke me not to anger with the works of your hands; and I will do you no hurt. Is that clear enough to debase the number 4 reason? You can pretend it isn’t,but…


    Now does describe the activity of this comment site? 1 Timothy 6:3 reads; If anyone advocates a different doctrine and does not agree with sound words, those of our Lord Jesus Christ, and with the doctrine conforming to godliness, he is conceited and understands nothing; but he has a morbid interest in controversial questions and disputes about words, out of which arise envy, strife, abusive language, evil suspicions,… is this not true of the conversing on this subject about the top 10 ” Deliberate misinterpretations of the Bible written by Bible scoffers” A.K.A “the top ten signs you are a fundimentalist christian” I can debase every one of these untruths with the Holy scripure, not just with my opinions – “for it is written”.and I’m sure wont have to look to hard throughout the Holy scriptures to accomplish this.

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