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Take that Boston!


Good, go ahead and keep thinking that while we take back our country.


*Waits for the shit storm to come on post above.*


calling shitstorm is my thing.


The only thing more sad about how much you teabaggers are getting fleeced by your handlers is how happy you seem to be about it.

‘Tea Parties’ have been run by moneyed special interests since the very beginning:

Maybe you and Sarah Palin should go pal around with a book.


we can all go home now, the douche-iest thing EVER said one the internet has been spoken by someone appropriately enough named rainman…

Becasue Sarah Palin is a great leader with a vision for the future..

You are now THE douche compared to which all other douches, including orange painted Jersey fagboys, must now be measured, but we’ll need to use negative scienticif notation x10 to the -35th to even begin to compare!


crap.. a decent rant spoiled by poor typing…


Take it back? You never had it. You’re a delusional movement that would like to pretend they are more like our founding fothers mostly because you slept through your history classes.


Amen Rainman!


congrats, you’re now a junior douche


And the world cried when your mom shit you out.


In 40 years you’ll be a minority. I cant wait and good luck with taking back “your” country. We have guns too.

TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

I have never seen or heard a single person talk about Tea Parties.

I have seen hundreds of anti tea party pieces online and on TV.

Fact: if you idiots who don’t like it would just shut the fuck up nobody would even know about those meetings outside of the attendees.

I still don’t even know if they actually meet or what they do. And I don’t care.


You’re not subjected to FOX News.

fracked again

Really? Because you are a master at being teabagged.

But seriously, the tea party is a front for some lobbyist groups. Why would they spend money advertising to a demographic (Canadians) that won’t be voting or helping them harass lawmakers? That would be a waste of their advertising budget.


Good point. The anti-war protests were 50x as big but got zero media coverage. Hoffman was right — it’s all about marketing these days.

The Matrix: Rebooted

The Tea Partiers will fail not because of ideology, but because of organization. They have no leadership, no strategy, no platform, no money. Even if a few get elected, they’ll show up in DC without any allies and get eaten alive. I expect half of them to just give up, Sarah Palin-style.


Agreed. A political movement cannot sustain itself simply by being AGAINST something. If they want to exist by 2012, they need to be FOR something specific. Otherwise it will be another flash in the pan movement.

fracked again

They don’t have an internal leadership. It all comes from the Freedom Works lobbyist group. Tea parties used to be part of the libertarian party, which is really pissed that their protest shtick was stolen by the GOP.


One of the guys I work with is a TP-er, he went to their first march on D.C., the one where they marched while the President was out of town and Congress was in recess. He almost didn’t come back and his brother who went along had to find a way back to NC from Virginia. It seems the TP organizers didn’t organize very well and the buses were leaving truck stops without a head count. My co-worker had to chase the bus as it pulled out and he got a call from his brother a few minutes later wanting… Read more »