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    one day America will wake up and get over it’s strange obsession with communism and realise it’s just been shooting itself in the foot for years.
    in the uk we’ve had the NHS since the 40’s with free healthcare for everyone…..i like the fact if i have money troubles for some reason and become ill i don’t have to worry about paying for some crazy expensive medical bill


    The problem is that most Americans have been convinced that Communism, Socialism and Stalinism are all the same thing and that anything short of completely un-regulated capitalism results in a police state.

    That’s what you get for listening to Rush and Fox.


    Don’t you also have 9001 CCTV cameras per city block as well?

    Also, your state is a nanny, your argument is invalid


    I live in London and the cctv thing isn’t true. Yeah there are cameras in busy areas where there could be trouble but you don’t get them in residential areas and most towns. most examples are seen in streets where there are a lot of clubs or bars and drunken fights could occur; seems like a good idea to me. A lot of the hype around the nanny state buzzword is usually urban legend too. it’s got a little off topic so back to the medical issue. on a purely hypothetical case on that system I wonder how many cures… Read more »

    Insanely Rational

    Oh, let’s see, why is it that the medical care in the US is so much more expensive than anywhere else in the world? That’s because most US citizens are either thieves or morons. Hospitals, doctors and nurses are thieves who’ll charge you $1000 for a glass of water if they think they can get away with it. Patients are morons who think insurance is a magical little fairy that pays for everything so they don’t have to think about how much anything costs. And insurance companies are both thieves and morons who know the hospitals are thieves but lack… Read more »


    holy shit dude, there’s big-breasted nurses in ERs? I know what I’m doing this week


    Har har har.

    No seriously, I may not be American but I have a little more faith in people than you do. If you really think everyone around you is so dumb and dishonest maybe you should concentrate more on supporting education. Unless of course you have better things to do, like bitching about liberals.

    Love, a wealth spreading liberal from Europe whose life expectancy is higher than yours.


    Why would someone wait 5 hours in an ED’d waiting room for just a chance to look at boobs under scrubs when you can see millions of naked boobs online without any wait at all? Doctors and hospitals will charge as much as they do in part because their patients’ insurance companies decline reimbursements on as many claims as possible for any possible reason they can think of, meaning that if your insurance company actually pays your bill, the extra markup is likely going to pay for all the other bills that insurance companies refused to pay. Most doctors who… Read more »


    Duh, IR — that’s why Liberals wanted Single Payer, like we have for Fire and Police. As usually, the right-wingers forced us to compromise our principles so we end up with just throwing money at health care and hoping it works out.

    Same problem with highway construction. The Federal government can’t just buy a bulldozer — because the Right says that’s Socialism. But we can pay a contractor a million dollars a year to putter around in his bulldozer on our behalf.

    How Republicans get away with blaming the Left for this state of affairs is beyond me.


    What’s so frustrating is that it wasn’t the repubs that killed single-payer, it was Obama and the dems. It was never even considered, prolly cause they thought it couldn’t pass, but still…


    Strawman counterpoint is strawman.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The devaluation of labor in the developed world means that a “welfare state” is really the only viable option. It used to be that anyone with IQ of 80 could get a job on a farm or a factory. But we’re reaching the point where the only jobs that pay decent are the ones that 80% of people will never be qualified to do. The rest of the developed world ought to serve as proof that the welfare state does work, though it requires flexibility, constant reevaluation of programs, and relatively honest functionaries.


    Thank you. An interesting point that I hadn’t considered. I suspect that this is partially a result of American corporations being allowed to take all manufacturing jobs off shore without having to pay the tax penalties that ought to have been imposed for such an act against the national interest.




    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… ha!
    I’ve never heard THAT on before!

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