Google is planing something big

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It’s been a shity experince meeting all you fuckers.

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    Lol’d at yahoolocaust!


    I’m on board with the people who want to colonize the moon.


    Did some zealous apple fanboy compile this?

    Reeks of hipster-against-evil-corps-ism

    fracked again

    Nothing “evil” here, so their motto is still good.


    Google are on the way out. They’re simply not as good as the competition anymore, they’ve ben wasting time on everything else while other people are making search engines that find what you want. They’ve also drastically failed in China – not only to make money, but they’ve also to convince their investors (as opposed to Joe Public) that the failiure was the fault of Chinese censorship as it’s becoming obvious their business plan failed, the promises on returns to investors from China were impossible with Baidu already established, and their current operational costs in China are only barely being… Read more »


    If you find a corporation that explicitly claims they -aren’t- after cash, that’s the one lying through their teeth


    Well yeah, that’s Google. Thyey’re claiming China is a free speech issue, bullshit, they’re getting dicked in China and they need an excuse.

    Look at Bing image search, then look at Google, which is best? Look at gGoogle news, then Yahoo, same thing. They’ve spent too long on gadgets, buying stuff, and making sure companies have to spend ever more cash on the google dance, they’re not delivering anymore.


    Bing actually gets me what I don’t want.


    google == Ministry of Truth


    “It’s been a shitty experience meeting all you fuckers.”

    Yeah, life’s been like that for me too. Fuck it, let’s throw a party!