I knew it all along….

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I have finally been able to put two and two together and found the source of the annoying trumpet like instrument the Vuvuzela I had a feeling the Mormons were some how involved, but this is the proof I needed to further my conspiracy theory……

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    Blown by Moroni*

    *dibs on band-name usage.

    fracked again

    Yeah, the Mormons named themselves after the wrong angel.


    you gotta watch out for them mormons… there used to be a “Bellevue International Airport” in my hometown, until they built a mormon temple down the street with one of those golden guys blowing his vuvuzela on a spire. there was a bunch of controversy about the guy on the top of the spire interfering with air traffic, and the proposal was to put a flashing warning light on the pinnacle, but the mormons had other plans… they BOUGHT the “Bellevue International Airport” and razed it to the ground. there’s now a business park where it used to be. and… Read more »


    yeah, but they still cant find that gold book….

    fracked again

    I wonder if any of them have any idea how heavy a gold book would be…