Rainbow Vomiting Pandas: The Escape

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I wish I could creative enough to come up with something as epic as this…

source: www.flickr.com/photos/bar-art/4095056486/in/set-72157623683100061/

They were found out. The secret hiding place of the pandas was discovered, and they would soon be overrun. Unable to move, distant attackers hacked their systems from a thousand directions at once. Ling Ling looked at Hsing Hsing, and nodded. Hsing Hsing rolled and stretched, pushing through the suffocating badges and awards, and pulled the emergency cord.

The ancient pneumatic tube hissed to life. It sputtered and rattled, and with a sudden burst of dust and air, spit out the Engineer. He coughed and wheezed, wiped the dust from his goggles, and set to work.

The Engineer asked Ling Ling if she had seen the donkey. Her eyes, covered in cataracts from intense HDR exposure, filled with tears. She pointed to the fields, where the Engineer could just see the donkey in the tall grass. It lay dead, its stomach bursting with rotted images of flower macros, and soft-focus self portraits.

There was no time to waste. The Engineer prepared them, and warned that they may not survive the journey. They did not care, wanting only to be free, and to see again the world with clear eyes. The Engineer understood, and entered the emergency passcode: “fav 5, comment 1”.

they were away.

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    faucking saved