OMG this line is soo slow

laziest person in BK.jpg (60 KB)


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    Is this a repost, or am I just remembering it from every other site on the internet?


    It`s been everywhere.A lot of the stuff on here nowadays isn`t exactly fresh.


    I don’t think many people ever came on here because they expected any freshness. For example I clicked on a link at Encyclopedia Dramatica that advertised MCS as a place where loads of 4chan content is being reposted. Though the only reason why I stayed is because of the comments. And drugs.


    I used to browse here to find images to post in the forums image threads. Now other people scoop me on them with an uncanny use of copy/pasta. I’m still here because I like these posters so much.


    I think it was in the forums

    Think Tank

    Guile from the Street Fighter movie can’t make up his mind…


    He doesn’t have the Guile hair though.


    I stayed for the fine bitches.


    I swear I saw this phenomena once in a Subways. I was waiting in line, and this family of huge people came in, and the son just grabbed a chair anticipating his mother’s need to not snap her femurs in two. Probably for the best as if she were to fall over, she might level the entire building.

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