Your eyes can lie to you

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    Dude. If I could do chaînés turns while floating 2-6 inches off the ground like her, I’d be a billionaire!

    Also, it looks a bit chilly in those boxes.


    Brain esplode!!!!!!!!


    Umm, what exactly? I compare the left pic to the middle pic and they seem to be spinning in the same direction. I compare the right pic to the middle pic and they seem to spin in the same direction. I compare the left pic to the right pic and they’re spinning in opposite directions.
    What causes that?


    your brain’s/eye’s inability to distinguish the ambiguities present in a two dimensional image when it attempts to generate a three dimensional rotation out of it.


    I dunno about you, but all I see are nipples!


    This is awesome.

    Center image is 2-d image, so there’s no depth of field, no “closer” or “farther”. Brain works this out, by hints from left or right pic.

    But for a moment the’re spinning in opposite directions. And I can make this moment last longer.

    My brain hurts.


    I had this whole ting written up on how it was rotating in one direction with one leg out then I covered one up at a time and totally fucked it all up. This is just freaky!


    hehe same – was sure it just did the left one for a while, then SHAPAZM brain gravy


    My mind has not been blown this much in some time. Well fucking done.


    Colour-blind: can’t see shit captain.


    They all turn the same way for me, it just switches directions every so often.


    Totally absurd. The foot on the person on the right is going in the wrong direction to the body – if real people did this they’d break their feet. So when you concentrate on feet they all look like they’re going the same way. But when you focus on boobs, then they’re different.


    The foot on the floor


    tiki gifs no fair 🙁


    I love this illusion… You should try to make it switch directions (the single animation, which is just the middle of THIS one…) As I was looking at this today, She was turning only 180° (facing away) in the middle. That was probably the part that freaked me out the most about seeing this one again, the 180° turn.