genetics premium ice cream

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    Pure. Fucking. Win.


    “Low fat”
    Like fuck!


    “extra creamy”
    like fuck!


    Heh. Well, to be fair, there are people out there who have chemical imbalances and such making it nearly impossible for them to be thin ( In some cases, attempting to do so will be more damaging to their health than staying fat ).

    Also, genetics and such DO play a role. But, the problem is, too many people use that as an excuse to not even try.

    tiki god


    there isn’t a single person out there that has any condition of any sort that mandates that they take in more calories than their body needs.

    what’s this “obesity” disease you’re thinking of? yeah, there’s a few diseases or genetic conditions that preclude people from working out (paraplegia being foremost amongst them), but even then, you cut down on your calorie intake, and you’ll loose weight.

    fracked again

    Thyroid cancer.


    I hear exercising like crazy works too. Which also changes your metabolism which also has to do with your thyroid. Don’t be lazy, watch your diet and go outside. You’ll lose weight. Being motivated is everything.


    There are conditions that require you to eat more than you can use. You have to get a given amount of nutrition to be healthy but things like diabetes, steroids, thyroid problems, etc…can make it extremely difficult to lose weight no matter how few calories you take in. I had to go down to <1100 kcals a day just to lose 15lbs, and that took me 3 months and I workout 5 days a week. Then I plateaued again. Nothing I do seems to help me lose that last 10-15lbs. It's extremely frustrating.


    Try fasting.


    And that brings us back to the bit about where the only ways to lose weight for these people are more damaging than keeping the weight on.


    Did you not read the first 2 sentences?

    I can’t fast. I’m on 13 different meds. Not eating is not an option, especially if I want to continue working out. Eating 800<1100 kcals per day is a near starvation diet already. I just spent a week in the hospital eating nothing but 1 cup jello, 1 cup of broth and a scoop of ice cream, 3 times a day. W/in minutes of eating I was in the bathroom for 15 minutes. Even that small amount of food required insulin and I lost not one single pound.


    Try low carb for a few days a week. Change up your work up.


    I’m a type 1 diabetic, have been since I was born (more or less), I eat less than 150g of carbs every day, usually around 120g. Atkins made the food choices for diabetics much more interesting and nutritional labels were a godsend.
    I know how much of what I eat everyday. I know exactly what my daily intake of carbs, protein, fat, salt and cholesterol is.


    I should also mention that I’m stuck on relatively high doses of prednisone and have been for several years. Every time my doc and I try to taper off, my skin just explodes (My derm calls it blooming). So we taper down by 2.5mg every other day for ~90 days. What’s really frustrating is that losing weight did almost nothing in terms of clothing sizes and fit. For my height, I should go down a full size for every ~5lbs I lose. 15lbs and barely went down one size. I get really frustrated, but I’m starting to accept that the… Read more »

    Insanely Rational

    While it’s true that 99.99% of the people who claim to be fat due to genetics or some sort of disorder are full of it both literally and figuratively, that doesn’t deny the fact that there are a bunch of disorders that could cause the body to store most of the excess energy as fat regardless of what the person does. Remember why athletes use steroids? That’s because sometimes the body simply refuses to turn the excess energy into muscle no matter how hard you exercise. Remember why women have a harder time losing fat around the waistline and building… Read more »


    Show me that medical degree and you’ll be qualified to disagree with the experts on that, man.


    I’m afraid you’d need more than just a medical degree to actually disagree.

    You’d to be a tenured researcher at a proper university

    Saying “There are actual people with genetic disorders” isn’t different to that excuse where “I am human and human are prone to mistakes” to absolve you of any liability


    “Obesity” is not a disease. However genetics do play a role in how food is metabolized, and what it gets processed into. It is not as simple as not taking in what your body needs, because if your body does not process food properly to begin with, and simply stores as much fat as possible regardless of what you eat, then things become a lot more complicated. You can only tweak your diet so much before you start having to cut out things that your body does actually need, in order avoid eating anything that can be stored as body… Read more »


    There is no ‘fair’ on the Internet.


    But there is “intern.”


    So there’s an “et”?

    fracked again

    Sorry, I et the intern.


    I agree entirely. I’m overweight, a bit, but I can lose weight if I stop stuffing my face. I’m under no illusions here.


    yo momma is so fat, her bloodtype is rocky road


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