baby funnel


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    Luke Magnifico

    There’s no way this can go wrong.


    Isn’t that kate gosselin and her kid?


    I wish my mom is that cool when I was 6.


    *grammar nazi mode ON*
    verb fail
    *grammar nazi mode OFF*
    *lulz mode ON*


    America, FUCK YEAH!


    Bad parenting, its not just for rednecks any more!


    Wow. I mean, wow. I can only hope this picture makes its way to the local child services….


    I’m sure your parenting style enables your kids to get beat up daily by the “cool” kids.


    My parenting style doesn’t guarantee they’ll end up drowning in their own puke at a rave before they ever get out of high school…

    Think Tank

    Somewhere out in this world is a picture of me holding a beer, reading a Playboy, and smoking a cigar… I was 5. The beer can was empty, I never actually puffed on the cigar and there was a Sesame Street magazine on the inside of the Playboy. I’d bet dollars to donuts that there’s nothing more potent than a soda in that funnel and the parents are using the opportunity to take a funny picture. Should child services be called because he’s being included in what the adults are doing? He’s not neglected, he’s not being hit, and he’s not really being abused in any way except in the regard that he is subject to a lame joke as old as time (taking pictures of kids doing adult things). Raising a child in the most anti-drug/drinking/smoking/etc… environment possible doesn’t guarantee they won’t end up doing that stuff despite the upbringing. That kid seems happy and loved in that picture and that’s a hell of a lot more than some kids get.


    …if the adults are guzzling beer bongs with the kid around, yeah, they should be called. Being around a bunch of adults who are drunk stupid at that age is almost as bad as them getting him drunk, too.


    I was brought up around booze and smoking. I turned out ok. Well, I’m ok relative to most. My dad actually smoked a joint with me when I was 16 but he also talked to me about the effects and what it can lead to etc. I finished school, got a job and have been fine for 10 years.


    this pic is older than the kid! if anything was going to happen, it would have happened by now!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    After he was done he fucked both those chicks.


    god bless you.


    Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

    Pledge week is always fun.

    Donut Jesus

    Poor little shit never stood a chance. . .


    awe man this is gonna pay off so well in ten years! lets start a pool on where this kids face shows up first. jail? thesmokinggun? mcs? awkward photos? some show on spike tv about degenerates? intervention?
    any ideas?


    am i the only person that thinks that the chick in the hat is one ugly sombitch?




    light beer? what a pussy…

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