5 prayers a day, billions of prayers wasted

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Allah is ok with non-euclidean geometry.


    Cthulhu is all abount the non-Euclidean geometry. Convert today!




    Not when you buy a prayer funnel for 19.95.

    Inpho Sys

    The only thing that would make this picture better would be a cartton charicature of muhammad.


    Prayers don’t move in a direction tangential to the Earth’s surface.



    Then why the whole “face mecca when praying” BS requirement?


    They’re wasted prayers, anyways. Allah hates you and wants you to destroy yourself.


    I think Allah just hates Muslims since every single Muslim dominated country is a shit hole.


    Don’t they all pray to a meteorite?


    No, you’re thinking about the Church of the One-Winged Angel. (This is a VG Cats/Final Fantasy joke, for the uninitiated.)


    prayers have mass and are affected by gravity, so they curve with the earth until they hit a mosque in Mecca


    what if you miss?
    also: welcome to the Newtonian theory of god worshiping


    Nonsense. They go straight thru the earth.


    Pft, after centuries of being saturated with obscure symbolism, sketchy internal logic, fear-and-guilt-inspiring propaganda, and “pray first, ask questions never” doctrines, followers of organized religions have developed an immunity to this quaint thing called “logic” that this image attempts to use.

    I never saw the point in doing something five times each day. I don’t even do the things I enjoy five times a day, let alone a boring, pointless chore.

    General X

    God hears prayers everywhere. We Muslims turn to Meca for the sake of unity, not because it is some kind of a prayer hub.


    Sorry Gen, but your cult of sexuality repressed, homophobic, murder those that leave, pray to a rock five times a day “unity” is a sorry excuse for a religion.

    If your god really existed and cared for Muslims he would take better care of them, but since everyplace that has a sizable Muslim population is a degenerate, oppressive society I would have to believe that all those prayers aren’t doing you guys any good at all.


    Please tell me you aren’t a fellow Catholic!

    General X

    All I have to say is that it is a fate of those societies who finght a religion to one day be the staunchest base of said religion. I.e. Christians and Rome. Those characteristics that you pointed ot for Islam are alas the belief of a fraction of a fraction. If you would like, just for the Lullz, read some Qur’an, and decide for yourself. It’s not like it will kill you or anything to try. And for the record people are allowed to leave Islam, there is no coercion in Islam, otherwise it is not true belief. That does… Read more »

    fracked again

    Read the Qu’ran. You are gonna love the bit where Mo gets himself some fresh puss off his youngest wife, right after her first menses. Pedobear would be proud.

    The penalty for leaving Islam is death. That isn’t coercion?


    I have a Quran I brought in the UAE back in the mid 80’s. I got it back when I young and wanted to learn about the world and had no negative ideas about Islam. The more I read the Quran (and the Hadith) and after living in the middle east for years the more I realized that how fucked up the Muslim belief is in the modern world. You may delude yourself that Islam is great and good, but the evidence indicates otherwise and until Islam goes through it’s own Reformation they will continue to act like a backward… Read more »


    Another good read is jihadwatch.org


    his god DOES look after muslims,….THEY weren’t the ones getting oven baked in the holocaust were they

    God protected the muslims and let the nazis bake the jews like cookies


    oh please, just sftu


    Why would they be victims of the holocaust, Hitler respected Islam so much he stated that he wish Germans were Muslim. In fact, he stated that Germans had more in common with Muslim than the French. He even treated Mohammad Amin Al Husseini like his favorite SS General.

    The Syrian and Iraqi Baath parties stated from Nazi Muslims, look it up. That’s why Muslim country’s soldiers goose-step march and salute in a Nazi style. You would be surprised by the close relationship of modern Muslims and Nazi Germany.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I wish this picture were smarter.

    They pray in the direction of Mecca. Its not like they have to hit it with a rock.


    How is praying off course by 90 degrees even close? That’s one of the many problems with Islam, it work when they thought the world was flat, slavery was acceptable and killing those that didn’t agree with your made up belief was standard, but its wrong today. Take Ramadan, Muslim are not to eat or drink from dawn to sunset, but when Ramadan falls during June or December than the Muslims who live in the extreme north or south parts of the Earth (where the sun won’t set for weeks) they will die from starvation/dehydration. Now Muslim believe their god… Read more »


    Mr. Gor, you didn’t even mind reading the comments about it not being required to hit the rock with precision. its not about angle, but a general direction for the sake of unity. I think it were the english and the europeans capturing slaves from africa, some of whom coincidently were muslim africans. And no body ever dies from not eating or drinking for 16 hours. if any one has a medical condition, he is exempted from fasting. Lastly, Muslims prey to same god as those of jews and christians so any thing you say to goes to their god… Read more »


    How is pointing your left arm arm in front of you and the other right arm to the right even close to being in the general direction, if you believe that, please don’t ever navigate for someone. The slave trade you are referring to started at the end of the 18th century and it was the Arab Muslims who started it. Any non-Muslim caught during the Muslim conquest and crusades were often forced into slavery (which is allow in the Quran) and they were often sold to Europeans, the Europeans just continued that practice. Please learn a little about history… Read more »


    I smiled when I saw this picture.


    Nice illustration guys, made me think for a while. but like General X said, its not about praying to a rock, rather its about unity in general direction adopted for prayer.