Fllaout 3 Desktops

wasteland.jpg (79 KB)

RADIATION.jpg (157 KB)

some desktop images i screwed with

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    Good game.


    didn’t like it


    i can’t not-like a game without getting your downvoted?

    what kind of a pedantic self-centered cuntrash are you?

    fracked again

    I downvoted your bitching for the lulz.


    1) Too small for my desktop.
    2) What the fuck is that symbol in the first one? It’s certainly not the radiation symbol, which can be found here: www.google.com/images?q=radiation%20symbol
    3) What the fuck is Fllaout?

    This post just fails all around.


    1) Too small for you, and it’s “fail”?
    2) It’s a steering wheel I Believe
    3) Do you live under a rock?


    1) The larger of the two is 1024×768. I haven’t had a screen that small since the 90s. I’d hate to play the game at that resolution.

    3) I’ve heard of Fallout. I’ve play the first three and have New Vegas pre-ordered. However, Fllaout is new to me.


    It’s an old-school magnetic tape reel, like they used to use for computer banks. Despite this minor & easily-corrected flaw, I like it.

    Second one: meh.


    Can you remove the words from the first one and email me a copy? 😀