How men and women argue

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Great. Now I`m late.
We`ll finish this later.

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    Let’s perpetuate some more stereotypes, i wear a cone shaped straw hat and me so solly


    Normally I’d agree with you about stereotypes, but stereotypes are founded in reality, and this one scores so high on the “so unbelievably true in so many cases” and on the “biggest thing that pisses men off about women” that it’s hard to support you. I can’t think of a guy who hasn’t just simmered in barely contained (or not contained) profanity, thinking, “Is there SOME universe where I’m allowed to be right, show that I’m right, and get you to acknowledge that I am right and that you were wrong? Do you HAVE the capacity to do so?”


    You ARE aware, the very basis of stereotypes is that it is (usually) personal empyrical findings that argues via inductive logic; that a case study, or a small portion of the demograph is similar; -therefore- the rest of the demograph is similar?

    You said it yourself, “I can’t think of a guy”

    I mean, “biggest thing that pisses men off about women”

    You’re focusing excessively on the role of gender, what about gay/lesbian relationships? Are both women right and then universe asplode?


    Man, when you’re older and more experienced you’ll learn to just say “yes, dear” and “sorry dear” like a record machine and not even care if you’re right.

    Have you ever wondered why with gay lesbian couples one tends to drift towards the other gender’s behaviour patterns? Arguments like this. I work with a lesbian chick and man her girlfriend abuses here and she’s just like “sorry dear” all day, being all manly and shit.


    I read your post.

    I was going to say something, but WistfulD beat me to it.

    Stereotypes exist for a reason.


    I’m white, male, and in my thirties, so obviously I’m the reason Africa has AIDS.


    I like “masturbate in peace.” Sometimes, that’s all I want to do. Women will never understand that.


    Is he angry enough to break up with you > Yes > Cry

    1000% FACTUAL

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Marty! We have to travel back to 1985 when this would have been funny!

    Jesus Christ

    I’m more male than female, apparently.


    I love the female’s “Are you right?” and there is only a “Yes”.


    Total garbage. I’m always right. End of story.


    Isn’t… that… what the chart says…?

    I apologize.